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January 08, 2010

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nothing much...


Relient K, Aaron Shust, Chris Tomlin, Kutless, TobyMac


Patch adams. hands down the greatest movie of all time


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"You find no motivation

Inside this new love that you've found"


 Amazing song that rocks hard. Hope you like it


(//WARNING: Not for fragile ears\\) 

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I can't believe...

Wow. Love screws up EVERYTHING. Sometimes I wish the sexes were separated just to straighten things out. I'm gonna throw some rules out here that are true of all relationships:


1. How it begins=How it ends

2. Deal with your problems with your feelings for other people privately. Or at least not in front of the people it deals with.


Experience tells me that these hold true. I'm so tired of drama that results from "love".


<For The Love Of The Game> 

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Hey Carmen!

Is this the song you were talking about?
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It has come to my attention that a lot of people are burned by love.
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Health Day

So today I took a day off because I got spacers and I couldn't sneeze without cringing in pain. It was quite amazing though because I appreciated not getting homework.


I realized today that everything isn't smooth about love. It's a road filled with curve balls.(Yes, I just trainwrecked two metaphors) And another thing:


"One of those two people will stand up for that relationship every time if it's right." -Dr. Cox

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