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April 09, 2006

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This is for everybody on the internet, and specifically Laura, because she replied to the first proclamation. Taylor remains adamant that no nickname is I say we just call him Tater until he comes up with a better nickname. As this action will no doubt erode the bedrock of his masculinity and ego, rendering him annoyed or even mightily angered, be forewarned...he works out.

Thank You,


P.S. We out here in the boonies are severely happy that you got good news yesterday, Laurabee.

P.S.S. Call Taylor Tater.
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This is for everybody on the internet...Taylor saw where I left Laura a message and referred to him as \"Tater.\" This term is demeaning to him, insulting, and erodes the bedrock of his masculinity and ego. Henceforth, he shall only be known as Taylor. He does not need a nickname to strike fear into the hearts of evildoers everywhere. Thank you for your time. Stay tuned for further updates from the Unit 619.
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So, things I\'ve done lately...
Harbored refugees from Hattiesburg on Tuesday and Wednesday, gave blood Wednesday, struggled in class on Thursday because of little sleep (moved a piano at one a.m.) and maybe the heat (I know I ate like I was supposed to after the giving of the blood). Tonite I wrote a paper for History class tomorrow, and it\'s probably not my best effort, but at least it is done. Looking forward to Friday, probably going to visit Taylor\'s sister Kelly in her new place, and then my friend Jason is coming to Oxford on Saturday, and Brandon\'s pool b-day party is Saturday as well. Hopefully I\'ll get a substantial amount of reading done too...we\'ll see about that.

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UNIT 619

Yes, it\'s true, I was m.i.a. from all the hoppin action in Oxford last night. Each year the unit 69/619 holds a fantasy football draft (don\'t laugh, this is serious business) and last night was the beginning of much trash talk for months to come. And yes, mine is the greatest team ever assembled (I\'m working on my modesty, can you tell?).
Today I get to read one of three books I have due by this Friday, so hooray for me, and have to be getting back to it. Probably take a break and do the grove thing with the boys around 8, that Sanders kid is playing, and he\'s worth hearing. Goodbye, phusebox.

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Late Wednesday

My bro is coming to Oxford tomorrow! Something with his school, where he gets a few days off, so he\'ll be here tomorrow us guys will all probably hit up some Ajax or Chili\'s or times...
Tomorrow my seminar meets at 4pm...I hope it\'s not going to be a super-huge burden. With the classes I\'m already in, I couldn\'t take much more, but I have to in order to GRADUATE in December...
At least ShawnB and I have Psych tomorrow. It\'ll be a breeze.
Ran out of interesting stuff to say, imagine that. Peace!
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