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April 09, 2006

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First Day of Classes

Taylor (my roomie) and I had The History of Western Art at 8am today...we were the only two seniors in said class...bunch of pimply-faced, scared freshman surrounding us. We get a drop grade in there, and the tests are multiple choice...I had forgotten what it was like to not be taking junior/senior level courses.
His 377 and 392 will be tolerable...lots of essays and papers, but what else is new?
Tomorrow I have Dev. Psych. with Shawn B, so we\'ll cut up in there...other than that, Tuesday is a lazy day.
Right now gonna take a short nap, and then go run some errands...woe is me.
Special shout out to Laura, who is the only person I know on here, and who is a super-suave Rook partner. See ya Tuesday!
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