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September 24, 2007

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We Won!

We won tonight, 2-1!
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We has a great game on Sat.  Yes, we lost 0-1 and it was a JV game (our only JV game of the season), but we only played w/ 10 players.  There are 11 players on the field @ a time, so at all times in the game they had one more player than us on the field.  We also had absolutely no subs for the entire game, and they had 20-something players, so they had planty of subs.  I was the 2nd oldest player okn our teamther, and the oldest (Tabatha) isn't even 16 yet, and they were having to put in Varsity players (like their goalie) just to keep up.  I played defense, and our offense was doing amazing so we were super bored.  I only ran out of breath once for like a min.  They should have kicked our butts considering how many more players they had.  All of us play White County tomorrow (yes, it's varsity), and they haven't actually won a game in 11 years, so we are pretty excited (not cocky or overconfidant, but excited.)  It's our last home game, and it's senior night so Haylie and Jade will be introduced and stuff.  It starts @ 4:30.  Then on Thurs.  we play @ Blackman.  That will be our last season game.  Then we will prbably scrimmage Franklin County again (that's who we played Sat.), and then tournaments.  Wish us luck!

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Nothing New

Nothing very exciting has happened lately.  The Blood Drive was today.  No near as many ppl signed up this year as last.  I have a ton of make-up work due because I have so little time to do my homework during the soccer season.  For the most part last night was a pretty good game.  We played Riverdale, and they are really good and pass a lot.  We play Siegal on Thurs. @ 6:00.

God Bless!

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A New Update...Finally

So, I definately don't update much.  Um, nothing too exciting has happened in my life.  Soccer's decent this year.  It's definately going better than last when it comes to winning & stuff.  I LOVE my schedule since it was fixed.  It is:

1st - Child Dev. for the 1st semester & Driver's Ed for the 2nd

2nd - Algebra II AH

3rd - JROTC

4th - Spanish I

5th - English II AH

6th - Chemistry Honors

That's it for now.  God Bless!


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My Schedule

So, my schedule today was messed u, but I LOVE the 4 of my classes that were right.  There ar so many of my friends in them.  Hopefully when my schedule is fixed it won't mess up my other classes.
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