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June 06, 2008

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hey guy's it's been a while

I broke up with kelsey but it was mutual so that's great!!! And that lifted a heavy stress burden off of my shoulders. Not because she was my girlfriend but because for about two weeks I knew that I kneeded to break up with her but I didn't know how torn up she would be, if at all. But apparently she felt the exact same way that I did so that was a huge relief but also quite irritating! All that stess for nothin'! I went to Chicago last week and it was awesome and I'll try to get as many pictures up to let you guys know how it was!!! But I guess that's it for now. See ya

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hey hey hey!!

Sup kids, I just thought that you should know that formal is tommorow and I'm So f'n excited you couldn't believe it. I'm probably goin' to end up spending WAY to much money, but who cares, besides I think it'll be worth it! Oh and I added some more pics!!! I gave blood last Tuesday! It was alright except the nurse that was doing mine couldn't find my vain so this other nurse came over and was telling her to move it all around and one of her movements sent a sudden shock through my body and then I turned completely white and my lips turned blue which as most of you know means a lack of  Oxygen! So I almost past out but then that other lady tried she couldn't find it so then this bald guy comes over and he get the needle and finds it in like less than 2 seconds so sometimes I guess things just need a man's touch!! But I gotta go. whish me luck on tommorow! Oh and Kelsey still rocks!!
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hey guy's more cool photo's so check em out!!! P.S. My relationship is going really good! We haven't really done anything! and that is really cool cuz that is a huge change! And the reason I have so many exclemation points is because I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!! But yeah I like her she likes me....what more could you want?
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I love people

people are cool, They can make you smile and that's good! Sometimes people are not good so you just walk away from them and find someone who is good. And that was my thought for the day.
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Sup pimps?!?

Hey guys just wanted to say that life's great! Snow is on the ground! And Randy's out of school! Oh and the play is going awesome! Some one said that a ladie saw me walking down the hallway and said that she addored me!!! How amazing is that? My vote is pretty amazing! Leave some cool posts or something

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