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June 03, 2006

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God and chruch, music, Model UN, tennis, soccer, acting, writing, cooking, I love the Simpsons!!!!, and oh so many things!


The Walkmen, the Strokes, Modest Mouse, the Killers, the Pixies, the Ordinary Boys, the Von Bondies, the Beatles, the Who, Hot Hot Heat, classical, bagpipes, and many many other things


the Hours, (anything that is touching and hard to understand)!!!!, Harry Potter, Star Wars hehe, and all scary movies!


Cirque Du Freak, Narnia, Harry Potter, I love plays like As You Like It

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I have had school on my mind lately. Mostly because I have been doing my stupid summer work. Let\'s see, I had read two of the 3 books for Adv. Hon. English II. The one I just started today is Silas Marner. I am on page 5 and it sucks so bad I don\'t want to read on. And I have started my Adv. Hon. Algebra II work. It is so hard. Most of it I have no idea how to do or have never seen it in my life! Lana doesn\'t even know how to do it, which isn\'t much of a surprise to me. I can already tell that Algebra is going to be my hardest and worst class next year. Why is it that my math classes are most dramatic for me? I know I am going to have many nights crying over homework, just like last year and the year before. What a surprise! I mean, I make A\'s in math and I can do it. But I feel that it is really hard and I jsut plain hate it. At this point on I really won\'t be using any of the math I learn. Why can\'t we learn math and sciences up to a certain need point and then take classes that will prepare us for what we want to be. I mean a UN field officer in Africa will not need to know the consecutive odd interger sides of a triangle whose perimeter is 27!
Hopefully my other classes shouldn\'t be too bad. Let\'s see... I\'m taking Drama, Adv. Hon. English II, Adv. Hon. Chemisty, Adv. Hon. Algebra II, AP US History, and Hon. Latin II. Why must I be smart? This is going to suck. Anyone who could possible find school fun and easy is either in classes way under their lever or just plain insane! The summers are no way long enough for my to get everything done. At least I will have soccer, tennis, and Model UN to add on to my stress, but at least providing some fun. lol. I am packed.
Well... if anyone else would like to vent their stress on my site please do so. It feels much better once you see it written before you. Have a nice day :)

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I have a sprained ancle and a sprained wrist. :( Is that how you spell ancle? haha. I am one of the worst spellers in the world! haha. Anyway, it sucks and it hurts!

-Dana :(

ANKLE IS SPELLED WITH A \"K\"!!!! Just thought you all would like to know because Brian King is a genius.
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Hello Friends!!!

I\'m so tired! Today my dad, my friend Tara, and I went to a park to have lunchs where we were chased by rather larger and rabid geece, and then we played tennis. I got my racquet today too! I was $90 marked down from like $200 so I was happy. It\'s white and black and is a Wilson. It\'s a rather large 110 sq. in. head but it will be a great racquet to start me off playing well. Later on I will advance to a midsized head. I want to pretty much stick with Wilson, though. It\'s my favorite. But Prince and I think Head are also very good racquet brands as well.
Well, that\'s pretty much it. I\'m not doing much here in Louisville, KY. But I am having time to do my summer work which is a good reason I\'m not running around with friends each day in Murfreesboro. I can\'t wait to see Anna tomorrow when she comes in from Zach\'s brother\'s? wedding. Well.... I\'m gonna go! I\'ll talk to you all soon!
-Dana :)
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Murray Mania!

photo from dana_the_best

There\'s a new tennis player to watch out for. 1 minuet after the British no. 1 player Tim Henman shocked the crowds at Wimbledon, 18 year old Andy Murray, underdog British player, started his game against a know tennis star, the 14th seed Radek Stepanek. Against all odds Murray beat out Stephanek 6-4, 6-4, 6-4. Could this young tennis star win Wimbledon and bring back the Championship to the English? Only time will tell........
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Ok, I love Roger Federer!

photo from dana_the_best

I\'m bored and he\'s so awesome. So I have decied to do a whole post on him. Isn\'t that genius!

Roger Federer:

Country: Switzerland (I don\'t know why I said Sweden below)
DOB: 8 August 1981 (he\'s not too old)
Height: 6 ft. 1 in,
Weight: 177 lbs. (I bet it\'s all muscle!)
Plays: right
Turned Pro: 1998
Seeded: #1
Career Matches Won: 361
Career Matches Lost: 119
Career Prize Money: $16,681,423 (That means he\'s loaded ;) )
Grand Slam Wins: Australian Open 2004, Wimbledon 2003 and 2004, and US Open 2004.

Have I bored you enough? haha. I\'m so bored too. That\'s why this was fun to me, lol. Well, I\'m gonna go now. For real this time. I\'m moving to Egypt to live in the Valley of the Kinds and I\'m never EVER coming back. C-ya!
-Dana :)
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