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February 28, 2008

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Too many to list. Any and all forms


American Beauty, Good Will Hunting, The Jacket, SEVEN, American History X, Ocean's 11, Fight Club, Dead Poet's Society, American Beauty, Million Dollar Baby,


War at Home, Velvet Elvis, SexGod, He Chose the Nails, Desire

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It\'s time...

\"May you, when you\'re soaking wet, lost, hurting, and confused, may you cry out and may the creater of the universe take you out of your pack, may he hold you tight up against his chest, may he wrap his eternal loving arms around you, and may you hear him whisper...

I love you buddy.
We\'re going to make it.
Dad knows the way home.
We\'re gonna make it.
I love.\"

-Rob Bell

We all come to points in our lives where we realize that we are not where we want to be. I constantly find myself caught up in my own life, and I will definitely admit that I am confident, and at times too confident. Confidence is one of those doors that swings both ways and is definitely something that needs to be in check.
It is time for me to get off my butt, and be active in my faith again on a personal level. I can no longer attempt to lead young adults when I sit here and am not where I need to be, and am not doing what I need to be doing. Cars are not my life, college is not my life, work is not my life...they are all things that are in my life, but they are not my life, and should stop consuming me.
So I sit here, having no clue where I am going, but I know that at least I am heading in the right direction. Peace and God Bless.

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Another website has come into my life that is supposed to tell the world \"all about me.\" I have no problem with the world getting to know me, but it seems like the more websites I join the more I feel like I am forcing myself upon people. Do not get me wrong, facebook has gotten me back in touch with many many people I knew from \"back in the day...\" and it is fun to \"poke\" people and leave messges on myspace, but isn\'t this just 15min more out of my day? I already have trouble with time managemant on this computer, maybe one day I will get off my butt and be more ambitious. Get out into the real world and actually meet people. Ah, one day. peace.
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