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February 28, 2009

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sports, music(duh), performance, dance, guard(even though its in my past), fashion, outdoorsy things....random stuff too :/


wow...i can't even begin to list it all... i pretty much love every type of music....


favorites are: Center Stage, Italian Job, Signs, Pearl Harbor, Because I Said So, The Ring, The Notebook, Fight Club, A Knights Tale, The Departed, Shooter, The Da Vinci Code, The Descent, 10 Things I Hate About You, Blow, Sin City, Almost Famous, Band Of Brothers Series, Black Hawk Down, The Patriot, Braveheart, Click


Something Borrowed, Something Blue, The A-List Series, She Said Yes(a fav. from like 6th grade), Hamlet....

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my weekend...

 so this weekend was pretty interesting... lets start with thursday...

i had my first CEB event... it went really well.. i met some great people... and had a lot of fun.. it was just really long... but it was still fun


friday i got to spend some time with some really great people... i had girls night with some of my best girls and then had an amazing rest of the night! ;)


saturdays game was pretty cool.. sara and i had terrible seats so we went and sat with kevin, who came up with his grad student friends from memphis. i also got to meet up with a bunch of his friends and hang out with them that night.. it was lots of fun... but i kinda felt like the youngster for a bit..hahahaha

 -oh and i came out of saturday with a battle scar... hahaha im so intense!!!-


well sunday was nice and chill... i just slept in and chilled and did a little homework... had some interesting calls that day from a friend who i forgot i texted sat. night... it was so sweet he was calling to make sure i made it home ok... he's so sweet! hahaha 


 but now its monday night.. and yeah classes weren't too bad today but i have a ton of work to do before tomorrow.. and really i just dont want to do it... bah!!!


but yeah... i'm excited cause i have a job!!!! i start thursday!!! yay!!! and i got an email from my boss from this summer and we have a bonus check coming in the mail!! sweet!!!!


and yeah im going to indiana this weekend with sara... its gonna be a blasty blast!!


well i think thats about all thats going on... im sure this is the most retarded post ever.. but oh well... its late... and sometimes im retarded so there....


till next time!


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new hair!

as promised... pictures of my new hair cut...

photo from carlyle02

photo from carlyle02

its a little shorter than i planned.. but its growing on me....


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blah blah blah

so... school sucks... i hate being gone for a while and then coming back to school and having to do tons of school work... it pretty much sucks balls...


right now im in the library supposed to be doing my italian tema... but obviously thats not working out too hot.... oh well i still have like and hour before i need to be done with it...


so i basically cant wait for the next few months to be over... and i have a feeling its going to fly by... but im also not so thrilled about christmas break.. maybe its cause i have to get my third and final round of shots... or maybe its cause i have to get my wisdom teeth yanked out of my mouth... or maybe its just cause i will be at home... who knows... its going to be interesting thats for sure.


i realized when i was in the airport waiting for hours for my flight with a dead cell phone and ipod that i really want to go on a vacation somewhere... i dont think it even matters at this point where i go... i just really want to go somewhere... i just love traveling... 


anywho.. enough procrastination...


later yal!



oh i got my hair cut...not really sure if i like it yet... oh well.. maybe i'll have pics up here sometime...  

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Rest In Peace...

so i am officially in north carolina in a hotel... where tomorrow i will see my uncle for the first time in a little less than a year... but unfortunately he will be in a casket... its hard death... its especially hard to watch people such as the men in this family on the edge of tears every moment.. its hard to be the tough one... im not used to it.. but being the only person out of my immediate family here other than my dad i know i need to be there for him...


tomorrow is going to be rough.. its going to be long and hard and well there are going to be a lot of tears...


but its ok cause i know this family... i know we can get through this... if anyone actually reads this... just please if you get a chance tomorrow in the hustle and bustle of your day... pray peace on my family...


it will be hard... but we have one thing that still remains and thats family... and this bond will never die.


peace and love,


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rise on wings of the dawn....

so i'm back home in brentwood for the weekend... it's pretty good i guess... i get to see some people i never see... and i get to see my family.. its just a sucky situation for why i am here....


my dad called me today when i was on my way from knoxville to brentwood... and informed me that he was going to north carolina tonight... my first reaction was "WHAT... WHATS GOING ON???"

as soon as he realized that he hadnt talked to me in a few days he let me in on the cituation... my uncle isnt getting any better... they decided they are going to take him off life support... all they are waiting on is my dad to get there...

its just a really sucky situation... i'm not going to get the chance to say goodbye... which i hate...

i mean he is so young.. at least for being someone that is dying... and what sucks even more is that he wont see his baby girl graduate from high school.. or walk either one of his daughters down the eisle on their wedding days...

i just couldnt imagine loosing my father.. so i understand the hurt they must be going through...


i just ask that you keep me and my family... and my uncle in your thoughts and prayers over this weekend.. its not going to be easy.. but my family is strong and we will get through this... together.


if i rise on wings of a dawn

if i settle on the far side of the sea

even there your hand will guide me

your right hand will hold me fast... 


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