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February 09, 2008

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trying my best to praising the Lord with everything that I do, minstry of all kinds, starbucks, dancing insanly(especially when no one is looking), and taking pictures


JACK JOHNSON, coldplay, yellowcard, dashboard confessional, relient k, matthew west, snow patrol, the killers, dave matthews band, goo goo dolls, etta james, bethany dillon, the postal service, the shins, jimmy eat world




ummmm...mere christianity, anthing about africa....

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Dec. 1st

okay everyone. mark your calanders because on Dec. 1st we are going to have a big blow out fiesta for amy and RACHELbonin. so in case you were wondering...that is what we will be doing. so don\'t make any plans.

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that is the word that describes exactly how i feel. i went to the doctor this afternoon and aparently i have some kind of infection. but my best friend in the whole wide world came over and brought me a balloon, card, and my favorite kind of candy. i love my lauren! my throat feels like a thousand knives were stuffed down it...sad times. well...that pretty much sums up my day. hope everyone had a better day. thing i did realize is how boring daytime tv is. i watched the flippin martha stewart show and her guest host was rosie odonnell. but suprisingly i found it pretty interesting. they talked about rosie going to visit martha in jail. but anyways...i learned how to make candy apples and boonilla shakes. read right...i said boonilla shakes. which in all actuality is just a vanilla shake with a \"ghost\" face drawn on the glass cup. that is such a sad sad story..but it my sad sad story. but i am on day #2 of being sick and staying at home. maybe me and martha can learn how to make a halloween wreth or something.

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cold weather

winter is my favorite season. (even though it is only fall but it feels like winter.) i figured that out about myself. i really do enjoy getting all bundled up and putting on the hats and scarves. but the best thing of all is when you are walking and the cold wind is blowing in your face and then your eyes start to water. to me that is the best feeling. i also love how everytime i am about to leave the house my moms tells me to put on a hat and that it\'s cold outside.<as if i didn\'t know> but i thank the Lord that i have a mom that cares enough about me to tell me that.  just the way she says it makes me happy. but the only sad part about it is that i can\'t wear my flip flops anymore. i tried the other day and i way too much of a chicken. maybe i will bust them out every once in awhile. I LOVE WINTER!

::can u please pray for my grandfather. he was sent to the emergency room tonight from the nursing home and we don\'t really know what\'s wrong with him. he has alzheimers so being sick like that really doesn\'t make things better. so just pray for the doctors and my family. thanks so much.::

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i actually saw this sign walking down a street


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yeah kids..that is my best friend. me and lauren went to downtown franklin and it was amazing! we went to starbucks and then went to go see elizabethtown again, but it was the theatre that orlando bloom was in. mmmhmmm that\'s right i said orlando bloom. he was there for the premiere. then what came after was the best part. me and lauren rolled down her windows and danced insanely in the middle of a street. i do need to add that there were hardly any cars on this road. but i had never danced like that before in my life and i have to say that is was the best thing i have ever done. i felt God in the most powerful way when i did that. it was like i was doing it for Him and i could feel Him smiling and just laughing at me. it was really cool. the only thing to do now is to go to bed and not wake up until an extremely late hour. hope all of you do the same.

The Lord your God is amoung you, a warrior who saves. He will rejoice over you with gladness. He will bring [you] quietness with His love. He will delight in you with shouts of joy. -Zephaniah 3:17

The perfect love is described in this verse perfectly.

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