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February 09, 2008

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trying my best to praising the Lord with everything that I do, minstry of all kinds, starbucks, dancing insanly(especially when no one is looking), and taking pictures


JACK JOHNSON, coldplay, yellowcard, dashboard confessional, relient k, matthew west, snow patrol, the killers, dave matthews band, goo goo dolls, etta james, bethany dillon, the postal service, the shins, jimmy eat world




ummmm...mere christianity, anthing about africa....

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oh man.....!!!! so beautiful.


i need to be more spontaneous!

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REALLY bad day.

this morning was the worst morning ever!

1. i was walking across tn blvd and my backpack broke and fell in the middle of the street. i had to run back and grab it really quick bf it got ran over. scared me to death!

2. when i got to the other side i noticed i was bleeding really bad. apparently when i was running back and forth i broke the blister the was trying to heal from a shoe i had worn last week. so my pants and shoe had all this blood on it. (i know what your thinking. you think its sick and so do i.)

3. i had to limp to the cope building to go to the office where i work so i could get a bandaid. well apparently i somehow broke the ear piece of my ipod earphones. the wire was exposed and the whole thing just flew off! let\'s keep in mind that i just bought those this weekend.

oh Lord I am FREE in you. Oh Lord I am COMPLETE in you.....I WILL OVERCOME!

i had prayed earlier this morning that i would have a great day and i just had a great time talking to God this morning so i know that it was Satan trying to ruin my day.

but i know that it could be a lot worse. and i still think that God is the GREATEST!

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fall in the mountains

I love the mountains in the fall.



my grandpa used to take me up to this mountain to hike.


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I ran over a old lady today!!!


1. ordering banana pancakes without nuts dedicated to jack johnson

2. boy band music

3. playing air guitar to \"can\'t stop\" by red hot chili peppers

4. fishing with my grandpa when i was little

5. the colors of fall

6. coldplay lyrics

7. intimate moments with God

8. laughing so hard you can\'t breath

9. crystal lite peach tea

10. laughing at my own jokes even though they aren\'t very funny

p.s. haha just kidding about the old lady thing

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prayer warriors

i would really appreciate if all of you would pray for my family. my grandfather has alzheimers and he caught pneumonia last week. he isn\'t expected to last through the night but it is in the Lords hands when He wants him to come home. but just pray for unity for our family. thanks so much.

UPDATE:thanks everyone who is praying for my family. my grandfather \"Pa\" passed away last night peacefully. he is finally getting to go home and i couldn\'t be more excited for him. but at the same time the earthly side of me is upset that he can\'t be here with us in person.

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