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February 09, 2008

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trying my best to praising the Lord with everything that I do, minstry of all kinds, starbucks, dancing insanly(especially when no one is looking), and taking pictures


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ummmm...mere christianity, anthing about africa....

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It\'s raining, it\'s pouring.....

I wish the rain would stop. This mornings ministry was cancelled because of the stupid rain. But we did get to go to the nursing home and visit our friends. Old people are so awesome. It\'s funny how they all are so excited to see us and how excited we are to see them. When I visit them I kinda of think ahead to where I might be when I get to be that age. I don\'t ever want to be in a bed somewhere where I can hardly get out what I want to say. I will be so blessed if the Lord takes me before that might happen.

My family left yesterday and I am really kind of homesick for my friends and family. There are more times this year then there was last year. But I know that I am suppose to be here so that always comforts me.

My groups this week are so cool. My morning minstry group is from Knoxville, TN and a few of them are going to MTSU in the fall. That is the second group that some people from there are going to MTSU!!!!

I wish all you guys could take a giant road trip to Charleston and visit me!!!! That would be flippin\' awesome!!! But I know you can\'t so I will just dream. haha.

Well I think this is all folks and I want to hear from you all and tell me what you guys have been up to. Love you all.
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The Lord is Great!

This most amazing thing happened to me in street minstry today...we went out there and we hadn\'t been on the street for five min. and this lady comes running down the street yelling at us. I was kinda freaked out at first. She came running to us and saying that everyone said that the church people were walking around and told me to get in my house. But I told them that I needed prayer! Well long story short she just got out of jail and was searching so hard to get right. I asked her if she knew if she were to die today, right now would she go to heaven. She said she didn\'t know. I told her that she can have that peace and assurance that she will go to heaven by praying a simple prayer. Well sure enough in the middle of the street this 35 year old named Jamie accepted christ into her heart.


But I was kinda disappointed later on because I went to go visit one of my friends from street ministry last summer and I found out that he died three weeks ago. I don\'t know if he is heaven but I know that me and my friends from last summer talked to him everyday we saw him about it. That is all I can think about but I really am glad I am back where my heart is.

Other then that everything is going great. My family is coming tomarrow to see me and that is exciting. I hope everyone has a chance to see God is something that they do or see someone else doing everyday. I pray you guys are doing ministry everywhere you go and telling people about the word every chance you get. They need to hear it. Because you might be the only person to tell them about who the Lord is and what He stands for.

I love you guys and I want to hear what you are all up to. Take care
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I\'m so sore

okay last night I felt an urge to run. Well that was a good idea and a bad idea. The good news is that I felt refreshed and energized. The bad thing is that I am soooo sore. I ran 1.8 miles there and 1.8 back. but i didn\'t run the whole time which that would be impossible for me.

ministry went okay today. nothing really happened and i really didn\'t get to talk to people but i know that there will be days like that. But I haven\'t felt God so strongly in my whole life. I feeling of contentment has come over me. I am at peace that I am single and am in love with God. I\'m LOVING it!!!

Hope everyone is doing well. love you all
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Well this is my first official entry to the PhuseBox page. I started one before but I didn\'t remember my username or password so I started a new one! I miss everyone at home and wish I could send all you all down here to hang out. I\'ve been really busy with ministry and have come to the conclusion that I could do this for the rest of my life.

Today we stopped by this assisted living where Phil has some friends there. There is like 5 of them and they all live in this little house. It\'s so cute. But there is this one old man named James and he tells jokes and riddles. It\'s hilarious.

I am really excited because my parents and sister are coming this weekend and I get to show them around Charleston and all the cool places there is to go.

I really wish I could hook up my camera to this computer to show you all the pictures that I have taken.

Well you guys are awesome and miss you bunches.
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