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June 09, 2007

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writing, singing, playing my flute, reading, playing my geetar, finding random things on the internet :)


newsboys, dctalk, queen, daniel bedingfield, coldplay, keane, relient k, out of eden, superchick, kelly clarkson, stacie orrico, switchfoot, good charlotte, fallout boy, starfield, U2, jack johnson, john mayer, gavin degraw, jason mraz, seal, the beu sisters, aida, wicked, oklahoma!, phantom of the opera


pirates of the caribbean, harry potter, phantom of the opera, napoleon dynamite, star wars, oklahoma, the princess bride, aladdin, the day after tomorrow, batman begins, don juan demarco, sleepy hollow, moulin rouge, charlie and the chocolate factory, sahara, how to lose a guy in 10 days, legally blonde, beauty and the beast, aladdin, lion king, finding nemo, the incredibles, harry potter


harry potter, ella enchanted, the thief lord, sisterhood books, anything mary higgins clark, the bible, dateable, ethan frome, the chronicles of narnia, the notebook, anything by meg cabot

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mmm i do so love chocolate chip pancakes with 3 of my favoritest people in the world :) at 11:30 at night. in our only IHOP... surrounded by 20 blackman kids... fun times, i llloooove it.

congrats Nathan and Rachael, that\'s about the sweetest thing i\'ve EVER heard, or seen, or both. i dunno. but you guys are the sweetest thing together!!

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Journalism is proving harder than i thought. with only 2 weeks to go until the 6 (technically 5) weeks is over, i have only $20 of ads, out of $300. i\'m not exactly sure how i\'m gonna make it this time.

my party was awesome. i\'ll have pics later... my computer at home is down at the moment...\"\"

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stupid boys

i hate the way they bring me joy, only to crush it the very next second

i hate the way they look so dang good, like all the time, and i just want to run up and hug them, but i can\'t cuz they have a girlfriend...

i hate how they can be so flirty and so comforting and so nice, yet not even have the slightest bit of feelings toward you.

i hate how all of your friends can say that you\'d look completely awesome with each other, only to get your hopes up, but the next second that comes crashing down.

i hate that you can have crushes on guys that you know you shouldn\'t like, maybe you just liked them because they actually looked your way.

i hate that they give good hugs and smelly nummy.

i hate that they seem so much more enjoyable and loveable and all around cute when they have girlfriends. so that way you can never get what you want, and have to continue searching for the perfect guy that never seems to get here. :[

i didnt mean this to be a depressing post, just what i\'m feeling towards a few certain guys. they are amazing. too bad they\'re taken...

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GREAT weekend. be sure to visit my xanga for more pics!!

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it\'s almost eben 2 weeks since i\'ve written on here. wow.

disneyland was amazing, as well as arizona, and my birthday!!! i got an iPod, a letter jacket, a really pretty necklace and watch, and a slew of pink jewelry from my grandparents.

look at the pics i downloaded!!
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my friends

my pix