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June 09, 2007

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writing, singing, playing my flute, reading, playing my geetar, finding random things on the internet :)


newsboys, dctalk, queen, daniel bedingfield, coldplay, keane, relient k, out of eden, superchick, kelly clarkson, stacie orrico, switchfoot, good charlotte, fallout boy, starfield, U2, jack johnson, john mayer, gavin degraw, jason mraz, seal, the beu sisters, aida, wicked, oklahoma!, phantom of the opera


pirates of the caribbean, harry potter, phantom of the opera, napoleon dynamite, star wars, oklahoma, the princess bride, aladdin, the day after tomorrow, batman begins, don juan demarco, sleepy hollow, moulin rouge, charlie and the chocolate factory, sahara, how to lose a guy in 10 days, legally blonde, beauty and the beast, aladdin, lion king, finding nemo, the incredibles, harry potter


harry potter, ella enchanted, the thief lord, sisterhood books, anything mary higgins clark, the bible, dateable, ethan frome, the chronicles of narnia, the notebook, anything by meg cabot

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wow i can\'t believe that i\'ve reached 302 photos on here. i\'m sorry i\'m a picture junkie :]


yayuh!! just 2 weeks!!



she sure loves her Sean :)


for some reason i just LOVE this house. it\'s so rustic, but it\'s in the middle of the city...



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it\'s a beautiful day!

michael is amazing and that\'s all i\'m gonna say. he really made me think this morning, and his mom came. i LOVE his mom. she\'s one of the sweetest ladies i know.

tonight\'s gonna be fun too :]

my iPod\'s playing my most favoritest songs on shuffle, today was such a gorgeous day, my neighbor\'s tree makes me smile,


that thing...

i dunno it was an all around good day... even if i didn\'t act like it.

have a superb rest of the day!:]

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i\'ve gotta stop this now. stop stealing guys away from girls, not only in my thoughts but in real life too. i\'ve gotta be like the worst friend in the history of friends.

i pray he doesnt come with me, i pray that he likes her instead. i pray that i find someone else that\'s not currently attached in anyway. because even though i think he\'s soooo cute and really nice, she had a stake on him way before i did. and though i don\'t like him because of her, it feels like that\'s what it is.

i\'m very excited that all this church stuff fell on this week. i need God and people who know Him to help me through the complete disaster i have become.

i dont remember it being this bad last year. i was still involved with everything alright during marching, and this year it just seemed like it took over. but i still had the same amount of time as i had last year. church wasn\'t a priority, and that makes me really sad thinking back on the surplus amounts of churchage i skipped...


this has to be my favorite 6th grade teacher. i LOVED him. his beloved Sox finally won :) \"\"

my lovely Kim and the Cup. i was afraid we wouldn\'t see it for a while, but it\'s back!!!

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if you could pick any day to go back to, when would it be?

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marching season is finally over *sigh* i\'m happy, but sad at the same time. i\'m glad we went out with a bang :)

so it\'s monday morning, and my homework for 2nd and 3rd period isn\'t finished. well that\'s what the teacher\'s are gonna get when they pile it on on my busiest weekend anyway.

mmmmmm gotta love warm guys on cold nights....

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