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June 09, 2007

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writing, singing, playing my flute, reading, playing my geetar, finding random things on the internet :)


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this is the story of a girl....

man i have to start over somehow. i'm very happy that Winterfest is this weekend, but i've become this person that i'm constantly being called out on.

i've started using language i really shouldn't be using, and though its not cussing, it has very negative connotations. i feel like i offend people, i hate myself when these poisonous things slip out of my mouth. yet that doesn't make me stop.

i'm slipping in school. i'm in the sophomore slump. the 16 slump. the date slump. the becoming who you'll be phase, that just isn't too pretty. it happens though, and its something you have to get through.

so in conclusion i'm sorry if i've ever offended you with anything i've said. i'm monitoring myself more closely....

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mother, i just can't get enough...

i thought it was time to update. since it's been a frickin' month. anywho, life's been truckin, nothing too interesting. i think this year has the potential to be really exciting or really lame. my january hasn't told me much, maybe just that i'll be spending alot of time with friends. next year is really shaping up to be stressful. so many extracurriculars and stressful classes, but nobody ever said that junior year was easy right?

i'm excited because i get to go to chicago, even if it is just for a day. but it'll be really fun. i hope and pray that she moves the day so that i can go on the girls retreat too.

i'm looking forward to winterfest. i hope its the best yet, even though this is the first year i don't have someone going with me.

well have a great february!

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booo just one more day left of break. i think i'm gonna make the most of it and sleep in, watch all the movies i got for christmas, and just genuinely be lazy. mmm sounds good.

resolution was awesome. definetly the best year so far. although the energy levels were kind of down, i actually had friends to go with this year.

happy new year!

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huzzah my presents are finished. except my mom, and somehow i feel like thats gonna be a really last minute find :]

hmm my camera died, i guess just in time to get a new one huh?

the pirates of the caribbean trailer looks splendiforous. i\'m so excited about it.

friday was a pretty sad day. i had to say bye to two friends. i pray that you guys have a great rest of your life, and hopefully my life and yours will intersect some day in the near future.


merry christmas!

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fun nights make me smile. i love having really fun random nights, on my own without having to care about parents getting you around. thanks stephy :]

so somehow this year has become more stressful than previous holiday seasons. maybe it\'s because i have no money... or cuz i\'m freaking out about midterms (how am i supposed to take a midterm in a class i\'ve done nothing in?)... or just not getting everything done. weirdly i kinda like it this way. gives me something to do.

i love my sissy and she finally got a phusebox!!


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