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August 24, 2008

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God, singing, acting, dancing, chilling with my homies. Mr. Preston Gray Sanborn


Christian contemporary, some country and other stuff


Drop Dead Fred, The Little Mermaid, The Phantom of the Opera, The Notebook


The Bible, anything by Madeleine L'Engle

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Registering for Gifts

Today Gray and I went to register for gifts at Wal-mart. Between us and my mother (who I took along for help), I must say, it was frustrating at first. Now that we have an idea of what we need and want, it'll be much easier. 

Gray did admit, however, that it was a fun process. :)

Mandy's wedding is in 11 days and then I turn 22. I feel so old... :(
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Sweden and South Korea

I'm back from Sweden and South Korea. God is moving in amazing ways around the world. It was so amazing to hear all about it.

10 months until the wedding... the countdown begins.
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Sweden has been amazing, we leave a week from tomorrow for South Korea...


Please keep our team in your prayers...


I get back on the 7th of July and then a few days after that it will be the 10 month countdown to my wedding!



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School is over...

And I'm getting married in a year and two days!
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I've fully decided that God can do anything, but wants us to be involved.

Will you be involved?

This summer I'm taking a huge step of faith and raising up $6000 to go to a country (Sweden) that is spiritually dead. So far I've raised about $2100... and God has been SO faithful.

Please pray for my team... $6,000 is a LOT of money, but we know God can do anything he wants to.

P.S. - This time in a year, I'll be about to get married... crazy!
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