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May 29, 2008

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"Does that road go somewhere?"  --The Brilliant Michael Nelson

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A Few Words On Life

A Few Words On Life

Peering through the looking glass of my soul,
I sit and contemplate the complicacies of life.
With each new day bringing a new direction,
We strive to make it through each day
For each new direction brings a new tomorrow
Even though tomorrow never comes.
Tomorrow never comes, that’s a thought to ponder,
For we live our lives striving for tomorrow.
If tomorrow never comes
Then why do we live our lives for tomorrow.
We should live each day like we are dying,
For living for ourselves is a constant battle,
Fighting the storms in our lives
Loosing what little strength we have
With every hour that passes throughout the day 

Knocked out cold from the fighting,
I wake up to find myself pleading, bleeding,
Seeking for something more.
For the storms have passes and left me out to die
This could easily be the worst day of my life.
Then with a jolt from heaven I come to,
I sit up and ponder what more is to come
For in this moment I found what we all long for,
I filled the longing of wanting something more
You came down a touched me so
And it hurt me so.
With that jolt I came to realize
It was You I needed in my life.

 Now here I am with a new heart
A heart for the hurting and the longing
With each new day I strive to be
All of what you have called me to be
As hard as it is I still long to try
For someday I know I shall be rewarded.
Use me teach me make me a vessel
That spreads your love throughout the nations
Lord this is my prayer my thoughts on life
You have made me whole so that I won’t die.
                                             ~Jonathan Baker
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*Sighs Big* Shew, the end of the semester at last. I am so glad to be finished with this semester. Classes are over, Labs are over, Tests are over, and most importantly, Finals are over. So if you are not yet completely finished with your finals, you only have one more day to go, only one and then the big sigh of relief comes to you. So if you are glad that the semester is over and you are glad that Christmas break is finally here then let us see how many remarks you have to give. Later....
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So last night was the BCM Winter Formal. First of all I would like to say hats off to Michael Lewis for his work with the lighting.
It\'s amazing what a little bit of lighting can do to a room. The lights really made the difference in the atmosphere of the room, good job.
Oh, we must not forget the great job that was done the decorations. Hats of to the guys and girls that done the decorations.
Isn\'t this just a cool pic
The formal had a good turn out we had a lot of people present. Well I guess that\'s about all I have to say for now.
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Friday + Midterm = Grrrrrr.....

Hey everybody, I just got taking my final in Literature, I think that I may have done better than I thought I would have. The way that my proffessor done the test made it easier. She would give us a certain amount of questions to do and we got to choose which ones we wanted to do. For example we had to do 20 out of 35 of the indentification terms. The way she done this made it a whole lot easier than I expected it to be. Well I guess that is all for now. Later and God Bless.....
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