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January 03, 2008

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Rilo Kiley, Tegan and Sara, Deathcab for Cutie, John Vanderslice, M.I.A, Sufjan Stevens, Ben Kweller, Regina Spektor, LCD Soundsystem, Eisley, The Postal Service, Cursive, Bloc Party, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kings of Convenience, Dashboard Confessional, Jem, Hello Goodbye, Damien Rice, Coldplay, Norah Jones, The Strokes, The Shins, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, System of a Down, Radiohead, A Perfect Circle, Missy Elliot, Jack Johnson, Interpol, Cake, The Rapture, The Gorillaz, Lali Puna, Metric, Madonna, Techno, Etc...


Garden State, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Donnie Darko, Kill Bill 1 and 2, All Harry Potters, Benny & Joon, Edward Scissorhands, Chicago, Minority Report, Fahrenheit 9/11, Monster, Saved, Elephant, Bowling for Columbine, and most documentaries.


The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Harry Potter, It, New Rules, 1984, Fahrenheit 451, A Raisin in the Sun, A Lesson Before Dying

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So, since phusebox came back I haven't really had an entry, and I don't feel like writing one right now, but I'll fill you in a little on what's been going on.

Christmas was okay I guess. It was the first x-mas with my stepmom. So therefore, it was the first x-mas not just my dad and I. I hated it now that I think about it. I didn't get to spend any time with him. When I got to his house, he hardly talked to me, and then he left after fifteen minutes. and so I was upset. It was the frist x-mas without being buddies like we used to be. And it was the first year we drew names at my grandma's, which was completely awkward and strange. But whatever. I got money for shopping, clothes, DVD recorder, and bed sheets and comforter :)

New Years...went to Marylane's house with some friends and stayed the night. It was fun, but I got in a fight, and I was sooo pissed off. But thats in the past now, and we have reconciled.

School's back in cession and I'm not going to procrastinate like I have been. Actually I cant procrastinate like I have been, because I cant have another semester with three B's. Blehhhh

So, our spring play in drama is called You Can't Take it With You. Its like Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The role with the most lines and stage time is probably the character of grandpa, which is now grandma and is played by Jackie Fowler!!! but like meet the parents, its centers around the two people who are getting married and have comepletely opposite families. Well I got the Romantic Lead!!!  Oh yeah! I'm so happy! I really didn't think I would get it. But I did!! So yeah, my characters name is Tony. And he falls in love with Alice, but her family is psycho, and his family is rich and proper, but he loves her family but Alice just can't except how different they are and doubts how their marriage will work. Ashley Marshall is Alice. Yeah, that means we'll be getting pretty close together on stage ;) . We practice a lot, but I'm ready to start rehearsals!

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I am glad that phusebox is back.
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Confused and Frustrated.

I was at the mall on Friday. And I attempted to sit on the side of a trash can. It didn\'t work. And I stumbled.

You know what makes me very frustrated? Confusing people. I\'m not sure who I like, if I like anyone at all. I dont know. I do have a lot of crushes though. But yeah, everyone is so damn confusing and hard to read and you can misinterpret everything. Who knows? I sure as hell don\'t, but I wish I did. I\'m going to just start acting on impulses and see what happens...its something new at least...*big sigh*

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lmao, that last entry was so friggin happy.

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Random woo.

I am Random woo. and I am randon right now, so this entry will be very random.

Good Golly Sandra

Mid-terms have almost found themselves on a way by, and I have only two more to go. Yes.!

I got a haircut today. I like it bunches. I was so tired wiht my hair these last few days. I think its pretty nice right now as it is. And!!!! I was so happy!!! The nice man gave me his \"marketing sample\" of my hair granuals. They used to sell them, and then they stopped!!! They just stopped making them!! But they might bring it back, and they are \"test\" marketing it. And he gave me his testing sample!! That was very nice and it made me happy!

I experienced a happy suprise today. I went to eat at Applebee\'s with Andrea and Jimmy. And I saw my nana!!! and my aunt. I love my nana and seeing her. I was estatic. Very glad to have been there at that exact moment. I was happy and I smiled.

Then I walked around the mall. ATTEMPTING to do my Christmas Shopping. Gosh, capital letters are so intimidating. I accomplished nothing close to what I needed to. At first I was by myself and Then I met with Maegan and Anna, and then later a while with Marie and Marylane.!! I had a lot of fun and I laughed a whole lot. I always do when I\'m around Marie H. *hehe*. OOOOO, not dirtily that is. I\'m not into that...hah...but really...I had fun and thats what mattered. I saw so many people I knew at the mall today from my school and other places.. Mmm, that made me happy. lol...

Then We had our second to last performance Of \"Its a Charlie Brown Christmas!\"

I am getting so sad now. I don\'t want to end the play and I don\'t want to quit being Snoopy. I love being Snoopy. I have morphed into one with his spirit.

I love Eisley! Yay!! Smiles all around!!!!

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