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January 03, 2008

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So yeah, so much for all of that snow we were going to get. I"m so disappointed. I was all geared up for a huge snow and we dont get anything. It didn't start until about midnight and by the time I woke up in the morning it was all gone. I hope some miracle happens that gets us out of school on monday. Isn't that wishful thinking.

Valentine's day is coming up. I wrote an entry a last year on xanga about hw much I loved valentines day no matter if I was single or was with someone. Well....screw that. It sucks. And there's way too many happy couples out there. It makes me sad. Yeah, i like someone. But...well nothing's going to all. So...I'm just gonna be a pussy and not say anything and be pissed off and annoying about the whole situation. I think I'm just going to give up on anything happening. Because just thinking about the person makes me sad.

On the other hand. This six weeks is almost over and that means that theres only two more six weeks until the end of junior year. And those two six weeks will fly by.

So yeah, I'm gonna leave espresso joes right now and head over to calypso cafe...mmm

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Wow...I just experienced a huge let down... So drama was supposed to do the play "You Can't Take it With You." and I had the role of Tony. The quote, "Romantic Lead". I worked really hard to get the part. I was so excited for the play. I couldn't wait. And then. I find out today...that we can't do the play anymore. There is a huge conflict in the contract. We casted about three girls in major guy roles and we just switched the gender of the characters around in the play. We also changed two black characters to two white actors. And we change the time setting of the play. Well, the company that owns the rights to the play says we can't do that. So after blocking all of act one. Its over. There goes my role that I was so excited for. So now we are scrambling to find another play to do. We only have six weeks. psshh, yeah. It blows...


 Not to act like my life always sucks ass, but these past few weeks are killing me. I feel so ripped up. heh. Ripped up.

 But yeah, thats cool. Been going to some basketball games, hanging out with new people, I'm still trying to maintain my philosophy that happiness is more important that stressing yourself out over school. *shrug*

Daniel V. will win project runway.

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Just calm down and take a breath from your inhaler

Hm... lets see. This week has been insane.

I had a HUGE fight with my dad on sunday. The biggest one ever. So that just started my week off crappy.

Monday was my 17th birthday!!! Wooo! I'm so glad I'm 17. I can now stay out until 12, drive with more than one person in my car, and see R rated movies. heh. Yeah, only one more year until 18...

Lypsync was soooo stressful. We practiced all of the time. Constantly. And every rehearsal was just a combinaton of randomness confusion, and fights. Heh, yeah.  But, we ended up with second place. Because the seniors always win, but we did good.

This week was homecoming week. But it was sooo short. Monday we didn't have school, tuesday I didn't come to school until around 10:30. Wednesday was a snow day. Woo! Thursday we had the lypsync competition in first and today we had a pep rally in first. So most teachers gave up on giving work. Oh yeah, the juniors won the pep rally for like the first time in ever.

And on wednesday night I got sick. I had this rediculous painful cough that is constant. It suuucks. And it makes my asthma go crazy, lol.

I'm going to the ADK formal with Carrie Clemmons. That will be fun.

Oh yeah, And this weekend is really busy. I have drama practice at 3:30 on Saturday and Sunday. I had to write at least two resolution papers for Model UN. I also have about 5486 assignments to make up that I just haven't had the time to do.  And, I have to go to green hills saturday night. To get some slippers, eat at the chesscake factory, and see brokeback mountain. Hahaha.

Oh Andrea...Her elbow something....

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Private school

No...I don't go to one...but somedays I feel all preppy-private school-ish...

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Smokey Baby

photo from appletrees

I love my cat...soooo much.

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