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Carol Nixon

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August 31, 2006

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church, the bible, being pentecostal (woot woot!), music, pink (the color), enjoyin life, country scenery, drivin in my pink geo tracker with the windows down, standin in the rain, bein cuddled up in a ball on my bed watchin a movie, .


relient k, hawk nelson, toby mac, jeremy camp, barlow girl, building 429 ...., garth brooks, josh gracin, little big town, dirks bentley, rascal flatts, jason aldean ...., dashboard confessional, goo goo dolls, matchbox twenty, cold play, howie day, rob thomas, john mayer, postal service, ....frank sinatra, michael buble, ....


hitch, how to deal, pretty in pink, sixteen candles, the breakfast club, ferris beuller's day off, diary of a mad black woman, romeo and juliet, the princess bride, beauty and the beast, moulin rouge, just like heaven, mean girls, anchorman ....


the bible, ...., romeo and juliet, the outsiders, perks of being a wallflower, ....

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pure happiness

your mom walks in and says,"whats that noise!". awww mom your jealous! its the beastie boys!

ahhh listening to the beastie boys always seems to lift the spirits. lol


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im in greenbrier! i havnt been here in forever. im happy....

this is my two youngest cousins, down here, preston and drew...

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michael buble.....need i say more?

This thing called love I just can't handle it
This thing called love I must get round to it
I ain't ready
Crazy little thing called love

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why give up?

whats the purpose on giving up?....i mean on anything. what good does it do? absolutley none. sure its the easy thing to do but why not fight? fighting is what has kept me spiratually alive. without fighting i would have fell back into depression. i would be doin no tellin what. i havnt always been sweet carol as everyone has known me. before i moved to murfreesboro and got into church i was not a happy acquaintence. god and church is what has gotten me where i am now. and i am not giving up anytime soon. and to those of you that on your way there or have already given up please listen to my advice. god is the only thing that will get you out of your rut. no substance, music, or person comes even close to the one and only savior.

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life...jump in.

i was thinkin about life. just life in general. and i realized that people to often take it for granted. i always here people sayin how there life sucks or how they wish they were someone else. but my question is ...why? i mean if your life doesnt seem all that it could be why just sit around and complain about it. why not get out there and start makin it something worth while. dont just sit and watch your life go by. jump in.
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