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August 31, 2006

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church, the bible, being pentecostal (woot woot!), music, pink (the color), enjoyin life, country scenery, drivin in my pink geo tracker with the windows down, standin in the rain, bein cuddled up in a ball on my bed watchin a movie, .


relient k, hawk nelson, toby mac, jeremy camp, barlow girl, building 429 ...., garth brooks, josh gracin, little big town, dirks bentley, rascal flatts, jason aldean ...., dashboard confessional, goo goo dolls, matchbox twenty, cold play, howie day, rob thomas, john mayer, postal service, ....frank sinatra, michael buble, ....


hitch, how to deal, pretty in pink, sixteen candles, the breakfast club, ferris beuller's day off, diary of a mad black woman, romeo and juliet, the princess bride, beauty and the beast, moulin rouge, just like heaven, mean girls, anchorman ....


the bible, ...., romeo and juliet, the outsiders, perks of being a wallflower, ....

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im finally gonna get some pictures of my own on here! woot woot! lol. they will hopefully be on here by friday.

but yeah...have you ever been so confused about someone that you didnt know whether or not you should feel the way you do about them? ........


lol. sorry....
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justa floatin

sorry ... had to rant ....

besides all that mess life is pretty good right now. i just found out yesterday that i got a raise at little caesars. yeah-ya! lol. .... im just kinda floatin around in my own little world lately. i like it alot better than this world...ya know? all the drama...hate..hurt....drama...i dont know. i guess its my only escape right now.

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i always seem to set myself for disapointment. i see life as a fairytale. i want prince charming to come and rescue me from this world of hate into true love. i want to graduate from college become an elementary teacher get married and have a family. i wanted the guy of my dreams to ask me to prom and pick me up at my house and watch the sunrise in the morning.........

of course i know none of this is going to happen. considering one of them already didnt happen. and i know i have set my bar too high. but all a girl can do is dream.....right?

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had a clothes drive at church on saturday. result?...helping low income familys with there wordrobe, brushing up on my street basketball (lol), and....


its getting better though. it doesnt hurt quite as much as it did. and i dont look as much as a lobster. lol. but i have a farmers tan now cause i wore a tshirt. so im gonna have to get ove rmy fear of the tannin bed and go....ahhhhh! skin cancer here i come....

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blahdie blah blah...

yeah thats pretty much how i feel right now. the funny thing is...i cant really tell you why. wierd... i dont know im just stuck in a rut. but i dont quite know what it is. i mean ide fix it if i did. but.....yeah....and ive tried everything. the beastie boys cant even seem to lift these spirits of mine. darn it! lol. well i guess im off to try something else....

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