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August 31, 2006

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church, the bible, being pentecostal (woot woot!), music, pink (the color), enjoyin life, country scenery, drivin in my pink geo tracker with the windows down, standin in the rain, bein cuddled up in a ball on my bed watchin a movie, .


relient k, hawk nelson, toby mac, jeremy camp, barlow girl, building 429 ...., garth brooks, josh gracin, little big town, dirks bentley, rascal flatts, jason aldean ...., dashboard confessional, goo goo dolls, matchbox twenty, cold play, howie day, rob thomas, john mayer, postal service, ....frank sinatra, michael buble, ....


hitch, how to deal, pretty in pink, sixteen candles, the breakfast club, ferris beuller's day off, diary of a mad black woman, romeo and juliet, the princess bride, beauty and the beast, moulin rouge, just like heaven, mean girls, anchorman ....


the bible, ...., romeo and juliet, the outsiders, perks of being a wallflower, ....

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well im back! duuun duh dun...duuuh! its summer time! ahhhh! so much as flippin happened since i last updated!

  • i graduated!

  • me and the prom guy are no longer buds.

  • i got my first kiss!

  • i wish the guy that kissed me, didnt.

  • i found out the guy ive been wanting to date for the past year and a half also wants to date me, still.

  • i found out that the freshman orientation for elementary education thing for mtsu is in like 3 weeks!

  • and ive been kinda in and out of church.

  • but im back in church and chior now! yay!

phew! yeah... i just hit the major parts.

what hoe? a foe?

lets just say ice age is one of my favorite movies now.....and leave it at

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well i cried in 5th and 6th period today. .... i cant believe today was our last full day of highschool! ahhhh! i cant believe its really over. i definately know now that theres gonna be some waterworks and graduation.....

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ok. well i think me and that certain person are ok now. i just hope things go back to the way they were before all this crap happened. and now im faced with another dilemma...wondering whether or not to talk to him about something...BLAH...

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i messed up...again

last night i got in a huge fight with a person i have recently realized i have fallen hard for. i think i screwd a good thing up...once again. i jumped to conclusions that i shouldnt have. i should have trusted him like the back of my brain kept trying to tell me. but would i listen way to go carol! i should have kept my mouth shut. youd think i would learned this by now. but i called him back and apologized. i just hope the whole thing will blows over. he has had such an inpact on me. even though weve only known each other for a little over a month. ive noticed that im more out going, even if it is just a little bit. hes help me show a side of me i thought i would never get back. ..... i might, not already....

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blah.....blahdee blah blah....prom....blahdee blah blah blah blah...

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