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March 14, 2008

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God, playing flute, shopping, BOYS, best friends, sisters, family


Hip hop/light rock, Lifehouse, Simple Plan


The Notebook, Ladder 49, How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Finding Nemo, Shrek, Just Like Heaven


the Bible, Mary Higgins Clark and John Grisham books and Nicholas Sparks books

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A hug.  Such a simple word but something that can mean so much.  The embracing of two people or more.  The comfort you feel when someone holds you close for a minute or longer.  It can even be a simple hug.  Comfort is always appreciated.  When anyone holds you all your worries slip away and for a second everything is forgotten.  All fear is removed.  I need a hug right now.   
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I just wrote a really good yet confusing  entry for anyone who wants to read it.  In other news, I got my scholarship stuff back from UTC for anyone who cares.  They are giving my $700 a semester.  I hope that's really good but I'm gonna ask Mr. Lawson and Mrs. Hahn and see what they say.  Well I guess that's it.  I just felt like writing my more deep thoughts on my xanga. 
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Anyone who is bored today and has nothing to do this afternoon should come watch Oakland WinterGuard perform at Independence High School in Franklin. It's not too hard to get there but you could look it up on MapQuest.  We perform at 2:42 and we're determined to have a GREAT run today because yesterday we got screwed because the judges suck.  We got a 71.3 at the regional in Dayton and we had a HORRIBLE run and then last night we had a good run with only 2 drops and a few phrases rushed and we got a 70.0.  So basically we got robbed and are going back with a vengeance today so the show should be wonderful to watch.  Well not I gotta get going back to Franklin so I'll see y'all later.  Come watch of you're bored!
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I think some changes are taking place.  Not sure if this is good or not yet but I feel extremely sick to my stomach as I watch my world turn upside down.  I don't like this feeling.  Maybe things will get better before Friday.  I'm thinking Friday may be a girls night/break from my usual routine.  I need one really bad!
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Leaving tonight for my audition tomorrow.  Wish me luck and hope I get a good music scholarship.  I'm totally ready and very excited.  College plans are slowly falling into place and that makes me very happy!  I just have to remember a few things for the interview after the audition.  Pray I don't get stuck in Chattanooga if it snows really bad.  I also have freshman orientation on April 21.  April is already looking busy too.  These next few months are gonna fly by!  Hope I can survive!  Talk to you guys later.  I'll be back late tomorrow night.  Much love to all.
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