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May 03, 2007

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GOD!! Dancing, acting, swimming, and acting retarded!!


I love ROCK!! Yummy!! DEATH TO COUNTRY MUSIC!! I love Story of The Year, Jack Johnson, The Killers, The Bravery, The Postal Service, Pillar, Hawthorne Heights, Modest Mouse, Foo Fighters, Falling Up, December Radio.....


I love scary movies!!



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The world today is upside down because there is so very little love in the home, and in family life. We have no time for each other. Everybody is in such a terrible rush, and so anxious…and in the home begins the disruption of the peace of the world.

-Mother Teresa
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Well Customs is over!! THANKYOU JESUS!! Well I got my schedule and I think I am going to add yoga or dance of some sort...hmm decisions...well I got my I.D. and it came out pretty...definitely better than my license and that is fo sho!! Well I am excited about starting school and we had this student involvement thing where you got to meet different church activities and I can\'t wait!! I met some guys from Alpha Omega and they were really nice!! I\'m trying to find a new youth group because...soon I won\'t have one...Oh and please pray for me to get these scholarships because it would help my family alot because now there is two kids in college and right now money is becoming yeah please keep us in your prayers...I hope we get them because it would calm my parents mom is going CRAZY!! Oh and if anyone is looking for a roomate I am always here!!
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Customs sucks major balls!!

Oh this has been the longest day of my life!! Well I spent all day at MTSU for Customs and what I am taking I feel so stupid!! STUPID A.C.T.!! I am a horrible test taker and I have to take 3 developmental classes and I am taking university 1010 so yeah....and I will be working and probably helping around with yeah oh and my little tour guide person couldn\'t even spell Guatemala!!...and she is a Senior...majoring in Education....hmmm well thats all that happened today....Oh there are some freaking HOTT guys at MTSU....Maybe I\'ll like it after all...oh and I saw I miss that girl!!
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THANKYOU GOD FOR SUMMER!! So yeah I really haven\'t been able to esperience it alot because of work but its been very entertaining!! BRAINS UNLIMITED!! Haha sorry inside joke....yup so I saw High Tension the other was very interesting...One of the better \"scary\" movie I guess....Oh and like two weeks ago I was in Illinois for a church trip...which was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Oh and I found my soul name is Eric and he is from December Radio...he is so freaking hott!! DANG!! I am so ready for the beach!! Only a couple more weeks!! THANKYOU JESUS!! Oh and I think I\'m going to the Green Day concert or the Weezer concert...I can\'t wait!! Well tomorrow and Wednesday I have customs which is going to suck so can\'t wait for that!! I really wish I could have a dorm or an apartment...I think I will go crazy in this wacked up place!!

I really really REALLY LOATHE Customs now!! Grrrrr!!
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Ummm yeah I just clicked on a link and here I am....yeah interesting...Um well I can\'t type alot because I have to get ready for my dance recital!! FUN FUN...riight...well see ya later
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