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April 06, 2007

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101 Damations, Jungle Book, Lion King, Robin Hood (disney), Amelie, Princess Bride, Party Monster, Charlie's Angels, Kill Bill


The Traveling Pants books, Sloppy Firsts, Second Helpings, Blood and Chocolate, Amimorphs, Psychology 3, FRUITS, Uglies, Pretties, Specials

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hawaii - haha

so i found this thing... some inside jokes we wrote down, from my trip to hawaii. no one will understand except Erin Hall and Jessica Hooper... and maybe some other person who was on the trip. but i thought it was funny. i'm pretty sure what happened was we took our jokes from the trip and made them into a song:

"i'm in love with a man i can't have, but the beat goes on... and on... and i cry and i try... but all hope is lost... and the beat goes on... but the boys are fine and the peanut butter better so just shake your body and kiss my lips and try to cry to see the beat behind my eyes. why? because i'm in a pink intertube with a french horn player and a homo and my name is hodki... the beat just goes on. and i scream in my dreams of swing and model my cute clothes with gay boys lookin good but outa reach."

good memories.

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i can't give blood.

bet ya'll can guess why.

yep - "iron deficiency"

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je suis fini

i just don't feel like trying any more.

i'm exhausted.

and i just want my life back.

i don't do anything but go to school and work any more.

plus side: (if you can call it that) i have a week off work in october. well. five days. but still.


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aaww... remember my long hair?

... and when i used to ALWAYS do cool stuff to my pictures. for some reason i'm not good at it any more.

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go number 80!

so i love highschool football games!

i meet SO many awesome people. (hi ALEX) hahaha. and those three awesome chicks i rang around the rosie with. i only remember Valerie's name... and Ju's nickname. and that Michael guy (jessi's bf) and those skater kids... aanndd... Corey and Travis!

yeah. good times.

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