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April 06, 2007

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::stamps \"ho\" on forehead::


last night was... blurry. lots happened, and it\'s all kinda just run together. no, i wasn\'t high or stoned or toked or anything. i was a mix of hyper, nervous, excited, overwhelmed, flattered, infatuated, scared, annoyed, angry, sad, disapointed... everything. but it was VERY fun. what realy sucked was it was HOT and coco doesn\'t have AC and the concert was outside...

we went to meet Harris, Alan, and Conor at Cafe Coco. of course, there were others there, but those\'re the ones i knew. Alan is the awesomest person ever. he has a makeup bag. <3 he\'s cooler than i am. deffinetly my new buddy. ^_^ Harris is sweet. i felt kinda bad, cause i went to see him, but... i didn\'t feel it. he\'s just a friend. and Conor... didn\'t say much. so... then there was Jill(-do). she\'s fun. big lesbo, but in a cool way. i guess... anyway, and some other lesbian chick, forgot her name. she asked me if i was on speed. haha. um... Libby, Erin, and some other chick... kinda came and went. they were very sweet girls though. Emily -was awesome- VERY sweet, easy person to be with. and Chris. the bi guy. he\'s SO hot. picture a short Brad Pitt with dyed red hair and unshaven. Chris. we uh... there was something there. not sure what... but you know. that kind of bitchy flirting. he may be another Josh Ray in my life... which i\'m worried about. :bites nails:

anyway... after coco, Kasey and i went to Riverfront to the Cake concert. Cake didn\'t come on till 9:50, and we had to leave at 10... but i liked the two songs we heard. and Harris, Chris, and Conor didn\'t get there till right after we left. :smacks forehead: everyone else, cept Alan and Emily, went to get high. :rolls eyes: so... Dancin in the District wasn\'t that fun. it was disapointing, mainly cause we didn\'t know anyone.

:shrug: but we had fun, and i will deff go hang at Cafe Coco with some of those kids again. <33 damn, but i\'m pissed cause i never get good pictures. >_<

oh and, i dyed my bangs like that picture yesterday. it came out purple... but it\'s cute... although, it faded real bad in the shower last night. i think it\'s cause i did it over lightened hair.

i was up till 2 last night watching The Notebook... omg, i have never cried so hard during a movie. it was SO SO SO so good. watch it. now.
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life is boring without a plan

welp... i went shopping with abby and carly yesterday! ^_^ i got a new cropped jacket at charlotte russe, a -police line do not cross- belt, blue eyeliner, a \"boys pride\" bumper sticker (what it said on the receipt), and a pac man belt for abby at Hot Topic with my 40% discount! whoop.

then i went and got kasey and we went to nashville. boring again. we mainly walked around Hickory Hollow and acted like spoiled rich kids. it was very fun... but got old. then we went to the vanderbilt area, but didn\'t know what to do...

tonight is Cake!! hehe. it\'ll be fun. i get to meet Harris, Alan, Conor, and some other hos from nashville. ^_^ and i\'ve never really listened to Cake till last night, and i LOVE them!! yay.

well... i\'m off. <3
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whoop whoop

i\'m such a playa. i\'ve got... 2, maybe 5 guys in nashville. 3 or 6 here. whatever. lots. i have lots of guys i\'m after. and there\'re always new ones. but i can\'t pick one. i guess... i\'ll see in the future, whichever one stands out.

so boys, be on your best behavior.

anyway... now that i\'ve freaked out my family if they\'re readin this... cause i made myself sound like a ho. -i swear i\'m just a hormonal teenager- ...
carly and i went to starbucks with her dad, and then went to the mall. i got $5 HOT sunglasses! and we\'re gonna go get some CA-UTE jackets by-one-get-one-free tmorrow.

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we\'re spinning empty bottles, it\'s the five of us

i WaNnA tAlK tO gAvIn!!

{edit} my nephew\'s here. not John, Ethan. he\'s 8. very funny kid. but all he ever talks about is video games.... :hurls:
i need to be reading for school. :shrug: i\'ll do it later this week when i\'m bored. hahaha.
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holy shimdolies!

aw man... i got burned today at work. (my mom\'s work, carly and i were helping with a wedding party) i was steaming table cloths and decided to steam my shirt... not smart. at all. burned my chest and it hurts like hell. >_< rar.

but yeah... the rest of the day was okay. made 60 bucks. and i went to starbucks with abby and carly and then took carly to subway, then we went to work. we sort of flirted with this valet guy. i\'m kinda mean to them, in a playful way. it\'s really fun. he asked if we had a bathroom and i was like \"yeah, do you want it?\" and he was like yeah... so i told him where it was.


:feels dumb:
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