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April 06, 2007

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of what dreams are made

you know what i'd love?

i'd love it if i had a boyfriend that noticed small, quirky things about me that not a lot of people notice or that i don't even realize. and then told me about them at random, sweet times.

like... i'd love that

and there're things that i do, that i do notice, that i purposly don't point out to people, cause i want to wait for that guy to notice... and for him to be the first.

just thought i'd share

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teeth =]

so i was just realizing that few of my close friends have perfect teeth.

is that a weird thing to think about? it just struck me as odd.

sorry if anyone's offended... imperfections are what makes people perfect, though.


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i'm SO excited about my birthday!

so far it sounds like it's gonna be amazing! my weekend is PACKED - but it's all about me. hehehehe.

tonight... i think my boo is comin over. hehehe. so excited.

and tomorrow i'm chillin with my dad and my step-family. they ALWAYS celebrate birthdays at their house.
and tomorrow night i'm gonna see some close friends.

then sunday (my actual birthday) my mom and i are gonna go get a camera and go over to my sister's house for a party!

and sunday night, i'm gonna have dinner with everyone from work!! EVEN BRIDGET!!!!!


thanks everyone for helping this birthday to be the best ever.

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18 in 8 days...

... and 22 minutes. ish.

that's big.
i'm not 100% sure how i feel about it.
i kinda wish i had more stuff in my life figured out than i do. but i don't, so i'll deal with it.

i'm kinda hoping something big is gonna happen and life is gonna make this big U-turn and go in the ideal direction.
but i'm trying to not expect anything.
i always end up expecting stuff, and then when it doesn't happen, i get all depressed and lose hope.

yeah. i wish i was a little more grown up.
but at the same time, i still wanna be a kid.

there's no turning around now.
so hold my hand guys - i'll need my friends!

but aside from all the anxiety...
i'm so excited! this is huge - to me, anyway.

i can't WAIT till my birthday!

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some things...

some things confuse me

why my name is never used where people could see it
why my comments aren't always approved
why your orientation is "no answer"
weather or not we are or aren't

some things make me sad

how much i miss you
how busy we are

some things make me wonder

why i can't think of anyone but you
why i feel bad if i do


there's a lot that makes me happy

like... you.

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my friends

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