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April 06, 2007

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of what dreams are made (this needed a repost)

you know what i'd love?

i'd love it if i had a boyfriend that noticed small, quirky things about me that not a lot of people notice or that i don't even realize. and then told me about them at random, sweet times.

like... i'd love that

and there're things that i do, that i do notice, that i purposly don't point out to people, cause i want to wait for that guy to notice... and for him to be the first.

just thought i'd share

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Pray for Caitlin

i just wanted to let eveyone know what today my best friend, Caitlin Cheadle was in a pretty bad car accident.
she slid off the road and hit a tree.

she's in intensive care at Vanderbilt right now, her hip is broken and she has some bruised ribs. her elbow also might be broken or bruised.

that's all i know right now, but i also know that she needs prayer, and i know that God can help her through this.
i know she'd appreciate the love.

thanks everyone. <3

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crazy a* weekend


so friday i went to the club - of course. it's always so fun goin with Elliott and Bradford. =]
got hit on a lot.
i decided to talk to bar tenders, beCAUSE, they are among the few people that are totally sober. and they're real sweet. =D

saturDAY was really good. i went to the DBS Fashion Show with Hope - and it was adorable. then we had Chili's.
NEXT TIME you go to Chili's - try the Shanghi Boneless Wings!!! they're SO good.
saturday night was... drama.
but i think it's worked out now.

yesterday i just worked... then i went to GAME night. haha. it was sssssoooooo fun.
yeah. that's all. =]

but that was my CRAZY weekend.

and today is a good day to just stay at home - since it's all icky outside.
now i just have to resist spending money on itunes.


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"fagots go to hell" followup

she messaged me again saying that i'm just too cute to be gay.

ah, 14-year-olds and their reasoning.

and thanks for all the support guys. i know not all Christians are like that. i am one.

and i love all of you!

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"fagots go to hell"

that is the exact message i recently receive from some 14-yo girl.

now if this was her attempt to share Christ with me, it was a bad one. God would never call someone a "fagot" (btw - it has two Gs) and condemn them to hell.

anyway. i replied with "you're a bitch who can't spell. have a nice day" which was prolly kinda immature... but whatev.
and she wrote back "fuck u 2 hell boy.. ima pray 4 u"

which is also a poor attempt to share God's love - if that's what she was trying to do.

i don't know about you, but i don't want someone who's gonna call me a fag and say "fuck you" to me to be praying for me.
i think the one that needs prayer is her.

so let this be a lesson to all of us to truly be Christlike when we're trying to witness.
abrasion never got anyone anywhere.

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