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March 16, 2008

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Pride and Prejudice, Phantom of the Opera, While You Were Sleeping, Little Women, Daddy Day Care, A Beautiful Mind, October Sky, The Majestic, The Mighty Duck movies, I Am Sam, Night at the Museum, and many more...


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iPods and iTunes

Garrett has a way of surprising me. He bought an iPod online yesterday... a regular iPod on sale for $250... only $50 more than my mini... and it holds five times more songs than mine does...

Speaking of my iPod mini, I now have 245 songs. I\'ve been pretty slow about uploading songs from my CDs... and I haven\'t bought any from the iTunes store yet. I think I might soon though. I would encourage everyone with an iPod to check out the songs from the Live 8 concerts and buy a few. Some of the proceeds go toward the cause for Africa, and that\'s awesome! There are a few I decided to buy soon. However...

I noticed that all of the songs are by mainstream artists. The only Christian artist I know of even involved with Live 8 was Jars of Clay (unless you count U2, but Bono confuses me so much I don\'t bother to label them or him anything).

Am I the only one who sees the problem with this? I mean... as Christians we should be setting the example. There are many non-Christian artists involved with this that are soooo far away from God. As you scroll through the songs, note that some are labeled \"explict\". They don\'t know God! Why should they love the Africans enough to care for them? NOT TO SAY THEY CAN\'T... BUT they don\'t even know about God\'s love like we do. We should be the leaders in caring for others. Sometimes, however, we fail at that role, and that\'s quite unfortunate... and quite sad.
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Happy Twilight Zone Marathon Day!

Homemade ice cream + lots of hot fudge + fireworks + annoying smoke balls + pyro boys + funny conversations = one great night!

Happy Independence Day everyone! Not only does Independence Day mean a celebration of our country, our freedom, hot dogs, and fireworks, but also the Twilight Zone, one of my favorite shows!

Well, I really have nothing else to say right now, but I hope everyone has a great day! I hope to see some of you tonight at the fireworks celebration!

Shopping with mom + Twilight Zone marathon + lots of fireworks + cool July night + hanging out with Garrett, Anna, Aimee, Graham, and Michael + wondering if I will ever make it out of MTSU\'s parking lot + one overpriced but yummy brownie = another great day!
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Yesterday and Today

Yesterday... I did not beat Garrett and his cousin at the water balloon toss. :( Yes, they won for the fourth year in a row. *Shakes head in dismay* Well I still had fun. And when I got home, Mom had a present for me... The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack!!!!!! :) That made me very happy.

Today... that one song this morning at church was so cool... the one with the little boy singing... it was so... eerie in a way. More like mysterious.... I don\'t know, it was just cool. I liked it. Also, one thing that was said at Sunday school made me think... even though I may believe something is morally wrong, but it is allowed anyways, I don\'t have to like it or approve of it... and though I have a right to vote against it or advocate against it, I don\'t need to make the hugest deal out of it. I don\'t really feel like I\'ve been doing that, but I don\'t want to make that mistake in the future. I can\'t always convince others of what I believe is right and wrong because they have a different mindset than I do. Most of all, I just need to pray for this country more often.

About cell phones:
Garrett: Zach didn\'t know to turn his cell phone off before the service.
Me: Zach doesn\'t have a cell phone.
Garrett: That\'s why he didn\'t know.
Me: Zach, one day when you finally have a cell phone when you\'re like... 45, then you\'ll need to turn it off before someone begins to preach.
Zach: I\'ll most likely be the one preaching.
Me: Well then you most definitely will want to turn off your cell phone!

Brother Dean: President Bush will not allow cell phones to go off at one of his meetings. I think the church should be more like that.
*A few minutes later, a cell phone rings*
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Pasta Puppy

photo from SingAHappySong

This is a non-humanoid alien creature from the original Star Trek series. It looks like a volcanic rock in this picture, but on the show it looked like a huge puppy covered in sausage, sauce, and cheese. Therefore, Garrett and I named it Pasta Puppy!

I watched Phantom of the Opera again. That movie blows me away... the music is incredible...

Today I get to go to Garrett\'s annual family cookout. This should be fun... I went last year as well. Garrett\'s dad and I almost beat Garrett and his cousin (who have a reigning dynasty) in the water balloon toss last year... watch out Garrett...
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Thoughts About Hollywood and Humbleness

So this morning at VBS, God reminded me that obeying His way is always the best way. It may be scary at first, and I may not like the idea, but if I follow Him and obey Him, He will give me an awesome joy and peace. I\'ve seen this so many times throughout my life.

So we were watching another one of those cheesy Lifeway VBS videos this morning and it was about a missionary in Hollywood. As I watched the video, some thoughts poured into my mind... the same thoughts I\'ve had many times before: we need Christians in Hollywood making movies, producing movies, writing movies, acting in movies. Then I realized: what if God called me to do that? I\'ve always said I would love to make a movie, write a screenplay, do video production, but I have always very adamently said that Corrupt California is one place I will not go.

I\'ve always thought that I could do movies in Nashville, or write screenplays and send them off, or just do music videos instead. When I lived in Texas I thought about one day moving to the Nashville area. Is that not my destiny? Maybe... but it also may be for only a season of my life. I don\'t have to live in one place for the rest of my life. (This has already been evident in my life... I have lived in four different states!) I\'m not saying that God has called me to Hollywood... I still don\'t know what\'s in store. But I do know that I have to be open to it. I need to humble myself to do whatever God calls me.

Then today during snack time, the kids were making an awful mess with their ice cream toppings. It was getting all over the entryway floor, sprinkles were getting crushed in the grout, one girl spilled a drink... it was a huge mess! So I quickly finished my ice cream and went to the bathroom and got some wet paper towels. I got on my hands and knees and did the best job I could to clean the floor. I just did what I felt like I was supposed to do. Sometimes small tasks, however, can be used to make a big difference. It\'s all about obedience.

One other thing I\'ve learned... last night I was having a quiet time and I was wondering why some people tend to revisit the same sin over and over even though they know it\'s wrong. I saw a note I had written in my Bible that said \"hypocrisy is the act of pretending, not imperfection.\" (Garrett has recently written a similar statement on his Phusebox.) And I realized that these people were not being hypocrites, but imperfect, as we all are. And God called me out, because I do the same thing. I\'m imperfect too. We all are.

And we all have to humble ourselves before God and listen to His call... no matter what it is or where it is... even if it\'s Hollywood.

*EDIT* I liked it a lot better when all my Google ads were about toothbrushes... now they\'re all about BP and math... two thinks I despise...
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