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April 27, 2008

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Despite the tempting urge to post completely random things, you lucky ones are gonna get the real stuff!!

Me likey: big ultra-baggy t-shirts, parachute pants (excellent for plane travel), quill pens, parchment paper, calligraphy (despite the fact that mine sucks), Rosette: my 22 semi-automatic (man that gun rocks), the woods by my house (that they're tearing down to make a subdivision, gggggggrrrrrr), trees, lakes (when they're not green, and you KNOW what the heck just brushed past your ankle), fishing, hunting, swimming, writing (it's a migrane and a thrill at the same time), singing, dancing (I'm not too good at it, but it's fun), and sign-language.

Me No Likey: constant punctuation and gramatical errors, those ridiculously tight jeans that look good on NO ONE, people that talk to much (the ones you litterally have to deck just to get them to quit yammering), my hair in the morning ( I honestly have to go to war with it), stereotyping


Frank Sinatra (that's fairly obvious), Pink Floyd, Journey, Newsboys, Creed, Eagles, Blink-182, Phil Collins, Jeniffer Knapp, Trans-
siberian Orchestra, RENT, Phantom of the Opera (I know the whole flippin' thing by heart), Bach, Handel, Rebecca St. James (none of her newer stuff though), Bon Jovi, Meatloaf, Harry Connick Jr., Reba McEntire, Casting Crowns, Evanescance, DC Talk, Petra, Third Day, Little Feat, James Taylor, U2, Lynrd Skynrd, Blackfoot, Molly Hatchet, Carmen ( he was the STUFF when I was little), Travis Tritt (he ranked up there with Carmen), Grease, Kutless (when I can FIND their stuff), Toby Mac, Three Days Grace, and a bunch of others I can't think of at the moment.


RENT(only for the songs), Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Evita, Phantom of the Opera, Star Wars 1-6, Beyond the Sea, Guys and Dolls, The Last Samurai, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (both versions), Ever After, George of the Jungle, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Fox and the Hound, Napoleon Dynamite, Be Cool, City of Angels, Tristian and Islode, Memoirs of a Geisha, Robin Hood (the really old Disney one), Get Shorty, Charlie's Angels ( I heard there's going to be a third one *what's up with that?*), LOTR, Eight Below, The Mask/ Legend of Zorro, A Knight's Tale, The Labyrinth, X-men, Harry Potter, The Count of Monte Christo, Man in the Iron Mask. The Three Musketeers(drools over Charlie Sheen every time), Time Line, Ella Enchanted, Sense and Sensibilty (good movie, boring book), Pride and Prejudice, The Last Samurai, 9 to 5, Steel Magnolias, Walk the Line


You would never finish my list.

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Headache Capitol, U.S.A.

I satyed home today with the Mother Of All Migranes. I woke up with it and it continues to plauge me, it's not a full blown migrane. More like a pestering headache.

 AS a product of my boredom, here's an icon or two for my amusement and yours.




  See, sheer boredom

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Did you ever realize how bad olives smell?

I didn't until today. I was eating at work, and my food had this really yummy olive salad on it. The oil goes everywhere, had to learn that one the hard way.

  I was freaked out today, my friend Niles was upset about something. (note to self: ask him subtly about it tomorrow) He storms into the room and just flips over his desk, meaning he lifts it and tosses it over to one side.

  Someone (namely Carrie *ugh*) had the genius to ask him if he was ok. He repies with a highly sarcastic "I'm fantastic!". He sets his desk back up and throws his books in it. Here I am sitting on Abby's desk, reading a manga, minding my own business. He pulls out his phone, looks at it for a sec, mutters something and then yells "[Insert Profanity Here] you!!" and throws it at the wall. Well, in order for it to hit the wall, it has to pass over my head, and it did.

 I'm fine, it just grazed the very top of my head. It worried me more than it scared me, Niles isn't usually the one to use words of that nature. Nor is he the type to fling his cell phone at the wall.

 Mogan said he was crying in class, she sits right next to him. He calmed down some, he at least told her to not ask. He was polite about it, which was a good thing. Still, I'm kinda worried.

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Sneaky me...

the computers at my school are so freakin' SLOW!!!!!!!!!! Especially when you go through Mozilla and Kproxy, but that's the only way I can get on a bunch of sites (e.g. Xanga, here, photobucket).
 I'm completely wasting my time, third period is probably the most lame class I could've signed up for. Ok, it's choir and I needed another art credit, so sue me.
 Becca is standing behind me laughing at some of the pictures I have, namely the one of Chris sitting 3 inches away from the TV screen. *she sends her love* Some chick needed to check her Myspace comments *yeah right*, and Becca let her use it. Yeah, that was like 15 minutes ago.
  Have  I ever mentioned how nuch I hate rap music, it's like someone bounding a bannanna into your skull, the hard way. (Gives the girls at the CD player VERY dirty looks)
 I have like 8 minutes left in this Purgatory Pit, so I'm gonna waste it somewhere else.
                ~anas, anas, anser~  (brownie points to whoever knows what that means!!)
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I'm going to completely blame my youth group and parents for getting me completely hooked on this darn thing. I spent about an hour updating my profile and browsing evrybodies sites.

I'm trying to get a hold of a friend of mine, but he's not answering his phone.This make the fourth or fifth time this evening. I'm just gonna try his mom's house. he should be there.

 There's something wrong with my computer screen, it's kinda like something out of the Sixth Sence or Signs or something. It's like a dark circle towards the middle, wierd.

 Tristian and Isolde was great, it's the perfect blend of a Chick Flick and a War Movie. Hot guys and a ton of wicked awesome battle scences make for an excellent evening of entertainment, eh?

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I'M GOIN' TO NATIONALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, my choir advanced (and took first, oh yeah we rock), but my HV didn't. It makes me sad, but at the same time mucho glad.

 We're watching "Fun With Dick And Jane", it is HILARIOUS! Not exactly the best morals, hello they get away with bank robbery!

 Ok, mom's putting in "Tristian and Islode", (turns into a puddle at the thought of the beautiful James Franco)

 *haha, you saw me get girly!!*

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