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September 27, 2007

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oh so close....

9 days till the big 1 and 7 so yeah I can\'t wait leave some remarks.....................
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Yeah so I will be 17 in 13 days I think I can\'t wait and then school starts and for all you siegel disciples out there I have got one word for you 1 club well actually thats 1 word and 1 number but anyways please spread the word about it and if you feel you are a leader and you want to help lead 1 club listen for announcements for when we meet well thats all for me right now I just got off work and I am really tired so everyone I hope you have a radically awesome WEEKEND!!!!!!!! and I will talk to most of you later

\"Unto you be glory glory unto you be honor, unto you be praises jesus forever and ever... jeshua jeshua jeshua unto you.....\"

\"praise the name of jesus, praise the name of jesus hes my rock, hes my fortress, hes my deliverer and whom shall I trust praise the name of jesus\"
Shane Bernard (great stuff)
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YEah so haven\'t upadated in a while and I really don\'t know what to right about school starts in about 2 weeks and I am definitely not looking forward to that day at all and.... I am really bored right now and don\'t know what to talk about everyone will you pray for josh and stephanie harrel because they are now in north carolina and no longer here :( so it kinda stinks but they are following gods will and thats the most important thing also clint and rachel if you haven\'t heard are having a little nadeo and well definitely pray that the child will be nice and healthy and all that good stuff well I hope everyone is doing well and leave some remarks you guys are slacking on me so I will talk to most of you wednesday at church have a blessed night and I will talk to you guys later
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the island

Yeah so me and my friends went to see the Island tonight and it was pretty good except for the occasional stuff it was a pretty good movie... I hope everyone is doing well my family and I just got done painting my room so I am really excited about getting my stuff back in there.... WEll everyone have a wonderful day and leave some remarks and I will see most of you tomarrow at church
P.S.. ben helped with my room to your welcome ben
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Yeah so I am in a big jam right now and I really don\'t know what to do..... I have been praying about it and I am trying to be patient. Soooo if you guys could pray about this for me I am really just I don\'t know its a weird thing I am supposed to visit my sister in california and I have never flown in a plane before and I would miss basketball practice and all kinds of things and i don\'t know if God wants me to go or not so if you guys could pray for me about this current situation.....I just don\'t know I know yeah its california but there is something that is making me feel really uneasy right now so I am just kinda sitting hear waiting for God to show me what he wants me to do.... but other then that I hope everyone is doing great I am doing just fine just a little stressed right now and i know there is no reason because GOd is in control but yet I am human and that is the worst excuse but prayer for me would be great so I hope everyone has a great night and a wonderful week and I guess thats it leave some remarks!
In JESUS, john

\"I feel revived again I am alive again... you got me lifted and lifted you lift me up............I want the world to know I burn for you\" toby mac...... what a great song
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my friends

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