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September 27, 2007

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A charge.....

2 Timothy 1:7- for God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self -discipline............
I just got home from my weekly bible study and I have not been more fired up to share the gospel ever in my entire life. God has shown me that it does not matter what people think of me and God has shown me that me keeping my mouth shut about him has been a waste of him in me... I have done nothing for Jesus nothing.... but its time for a change its time for a new beginning its time for a charge.... My fellow christians that walk the halls of siegel high and oakland and blackman and riverdale and any others we have been giving a charge to share jesus christ with everyone....... and if you have noticed we are in a battle... a battle in which we are losing bad!!!!!!!!! WE ARE LOSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you not care that we are losing, people are gonna go to HELL!!!!!!!! do you not understand. At your complacency you are letting one after another soul slip away... I am just as guilty as all of you and I hate myself because of it but guess what this is a time for change this is a time for a new year... My junior year actually starts Wednesday because john barron is not gonna be john barron he is gonna be like christ and glory to JESUS because of it I am in tears at the complacency i have shown over my 2 years of highschool. I have done nothing to further Gods kingdom NOTHING!!!!!!!!! All I can say is With JESUS in me and his help I am changing.. I am broken right now before you and GOd. I will no longer be idle. No longer will I fear man or what he can do because all that matters is what God thinks of me and it has taken me a long time to figure that out..... Guys we have to change... we have gotta be diffrent we have gotta pray and pray and pray that we will be lights and not ligts with a blanket over them... Praise God if you are already sharing jesus and making him known...but if your not I encourage you to take a stand for christ I am gonna try no I can\'t do it on my own but \"If christ is on my side who can stand agaisnt me\" what a verse.... I hope this challenges you and if you want to talk to me then please do because I need to be held accountable to what I am writing I love you all and pray that we will live for christ and share him throughout our schools....
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Praise jesus

Praise Jesus for struggles! thats all I got
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Today I am 17 yes it is my bday yup yup I am excited but I am off to school somewhere I really don\'t wanna go but everyone have a wonderful day!
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first day

Well the start of something new we are now juniors.... that word wasn\'t even in my vocab a week ago and now thats what I am. I have absolutely zero classes with any of my close friends but thats ok because I have people in there that I know but I do have lunch with garrett and schaller which is a major blessing.. I am really kinda just blurred on whats gonna happen this year it seems to be making out like an easy one but then again first impressions are not always right.... so we will just have to see what happens so what did you do today? I wanna know so let me know... Leave some remarks!!!!!!! lol have a wonderful day and if you reading this and you are a good friend of mine you better be about to go get me a present for my b day which is 7 days away.........holy mess I am ready to be 17 ok thats all for now everyone have a great night and god bless
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school starts tomarrow.... I pray that jesus would light me up so that I would be ready to share his love I pray that I as well as you would not fear men because what God wants is all that matters... thats all for me short and to the point hope you all feel blessed because you are... have a great night
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