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June 04, 2009

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singing, acting, dancing, reading, writing, etc.


rock, classical, pop, foreign, Ayumi Hamasaki, Gackt, High School Musical, HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, Evanesence, Queen, Drake Bell, Muse, crossfade, Three Days Grace, My Chemical Romance, Lindsay Lohan, Krystal Meyers, Adam Pascal, Jesse McCartney, Disciple, Barlow Girl, Switchfoot, show tunes, Les Miserables, Side Show, Spamalot, The Who's Tommy, Miss Saigon, RENT, Aida, Lestat, We Will Rock You the musical, West Side Story, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Jekyll and Hyde, The Phantom of the Opera, etc.


High School Musical, RENT, Mean Girls, Never Been Kissed, The Phantom of the Opera, The Emperor's New Groove, Napoleon Dynamite, Drop Dead Fred, She's the Man, Interview with the Vampire, The Chronicles of Narnia, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Island, Dirty Dancing Havana Nights, anime, Sailor Moon, Kronk's New Groove, The Ringer, the Work Office Safety video, Moulin Rouge, Jaws, Cold Mountain, etc.


Bible, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The China Garden, Grendel, etc.

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Photo From NeoDaydream

photo from NeoDaydream

here\'s a pic of my brother, Bosly (his real name is Matt but everyone calls him Bosly) he looks like he\'s high
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Tomorrow, tomorrow, i love ya tomorrow!

So... Labor Day 2morrow so no school! ^^ so this is the plan (subject to change):
12:00 meet at Old Fort park for picnic
-:--(?) go see the movie Red Eye
-:--(?) go to Erma Siegel playground
and/or my house to go swimming

Right now, it looks like it\'ll be:
me, Rachael, Jackie, Cole, Apes, Jordan, Sara, Elissa, Bosly, my parentals (probably), Matt, LaDonna, and some other ppl i need to call but i think thatz it...

so... if you wanna go, just call me. (653-9563)
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Hey, everyone! so Kaleena came over yesterday and we had fun! I love her so much! ^^ hopefully she\'ll be coming to Siegel soon ^^

\"outside, day starts to dawn...\"- Miss Saigon

\"the girl that walks in the moonlight doesn\'t notice the shooting stars until she looks up.\" - me
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hmm... lightheaded..?

yeah, so i just got back from the doctor. i went cuz my mom thought i mite have diabetes (but i\'m pretty sure i don\'t lol) anyho, so i had to pee in a cup. the lady like lectured me on how to do it! and i couldn\'t help it, i just laughed! lol it was funny! and they took sum of my blood and it hurt and i had to hold my mommy\'s hand lol but i\'m cool now. anywayz, i just thought u guys would think that was neat! ttul! ciao!
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Ok... so here\'s a poem/song i wrote a while back... itz not finished but here\'s part of it..

cloudy clear
like a curtain
you\'re so dear
slide that blank look back on

I\'m forgotten
once again
tears cradled by the knowledge
that you\'re my friend

\'cause I love you
I love you
and I\'m sorry
I\'m sorry
I\'m not crying
I\'m not crying
I won\'t cry
I can\'t cry...
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