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I like a lot of stuff .. really! mostly christian stuff! lots of country, BRITT Nicole, jimmy Needham, skillet, Jeremy Camp.... lot of others


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where i find little compassion

i find it funny that

 the most open minded people, are the most closed minded,

the ones that are against judging so much, judge & stereotype everybody,
the man who claims to be unbiased, is reflecting on the person a little more than the information.
& i find it all too sad, because they cant even see it.



" God have mercy on them."

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heres where i am.

ALRIGHT. so all this talk about america.... people don't know what they are talking about, there are those who agree strongly with obama, and those who disagree strongly.
all id like to say on this matter is that should we let a man who cant find his birth certificate and who has years missing out of his biography become our president? should we allow a man who might be muslim president over us? and if he is , and follows the teachings will kill us all.  
 and if he becomes president i figure ive got 7 years to live, and i will live like that. & if im wrong find what have i lost? we should live like that anyways. anyways, im creating a bucketlist, so far theres 28 things, and i did one of them thursday....

 (i gave blood. i saved 3 lives, and was .87 percent of all the blood that was given. i was right on the dot for weight you had to be.I cried during the whole thing, and held my best friend stevens hand til they made him leave. but IT wasnt that bad, i'd say the worst part has been the following days, i ve dropped 4 lbs, & been so dizzy & tired but yea, I did it.)
 anyways,  I pray God has mercy on America, and the rebellion we so earnestly display. I pray that we as christians, take up our cross daily, that we lose our lives to gain it, that maybe we dont lose our selves, whats the point of gaining the world and loosing ourselves? (luke 9:23-26) .

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im jealous.

laugh at me if you like, but i totally fell head over heels in like with matt manes from cloud chase, and idk. just a little girl crush on a drummer in a band.alot of you know how i just could barely even talk when looking at him, and how i thought he just did it for me. i didnt think of pursuing that, or anything, but i found his myspace... and well. i saw his gf.  i cant help but feel so JEALOUS! & cant help but compare myself to his gorgeous amazing girlfriend. why do we do that? why do i do that?
im feeling pretty down right now. :(
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alright. i have a new favorite.... peanut butter & chicken sandwich! oh my.... it was soo good!
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all i mean to say

little did we know,little to you can i show.
much of you i miss,too.but not sure of what we had was true.
dont you  get it? do you really understand,
 all id ever wanted is your hand.not sure how it became so more,to the point where we both just stood halfway out the door.
holdin on tighter but not holding stronger -it was bound to end so terribly,truth be told it might be awhile before i even see it to be incredibly.
slippin' right through each other fingers there was not much much we didnt ruin. not sure i can go back to that finishing us up totally- getting the final "do in".
at least not yet,im scared of it being what we had and having it like that again i bet.
i dont want that, i dont want something i dont need , i dont just want you to have your way with me, and me pretending its under love , and just letting it be.
if it were ever to be us -as me & you,im not sure it could  be now & i wish it could be true.
if im worth it i might just make you wait,
& if not i'd still make you experience "have" but do not take.

baby... all i meant to say is maybe.

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