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Erin:: lub my flower.

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July 15, 2009

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GOD, Mime mime, the mimes, dancing, choreographing songs, singing, Music, music BUTTERFLIES, making people laugh, being silly, hanging out, Scrapbooking, Writing, writing blogging, Running, Camp, computers, Citrus Gum ♥! T&P
Allen'n Mathis!


I like a lot of stuff .. really! mostly christian stuff! lots of country, BRITT Nicole, jimmy Needham, skillet, Jeremy Camp.... lot of others


love comes sofly series, the notebook, vegietales, a walk to remember, one night with the king, when a stranger calls, princess bride,



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ive decided to stay!!!!~

okay i ve decided ill keep my phusebox afterall!!!!! i guess i love u guys way tooo much!!!!!!! im sorry for anyone who cried all night the night i said im deleting my phusebox ... i really didnt mean to make you sad . this means ive got to get all my friends back , and put new pictures up ... and waste a bunch of time... lol... but you guys are worth it , ... i think.

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