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July 15, 2009

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camp as jr counselor!

well, camp as a junior counselor ..

 was like nothing ive ever expirienced ...

 it was wonderful , but then it was terrible!!

 it was thrilling , yet boredom ran through my system!

it was easy , but then so hard!!!

 ive been harrassed by fellow male jr. counselors who think its hilarious when i get mad , and i cant help but laughing bc THE PRANKS & JOKES ARE DOWN RIGHT HILARIOUS!!!! i cant believe how much sleep i havent had .... 6 hours per night , is not enough to keep my engines running!!!

lol.....  i think i did  great , but its good to home

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Hey Kids !

 im back from camp , i sorta missed mckennas wedding !!! thats hilariously sad , i wish i couldve been there , but i was exhausted and i sorta fell asleep , or sleep fel on me .... lol.

well, im back .. Yay! ... but then not Yay ! i loved it there ~ i had to much fun .....

 heres the most important thing i learned

your talk talks , and your walk talks , but your walk talks louder than your talk talks ... lol... seriously write that down and think about those words!!!!

 well, i missed you guys , but right now i miss my Kollin boy!!!!!

He was a real sweetheart , held the doors open for me , threw away my trash , held my bag , im serious , guys thats really attractive , especially when its a dudely guy , he had some muscles , and he plays post , and he loves God !!!!!!oh , and he had pretty eyes , im telling ya ....

  this is my second year w. him ,and e really treats me like a person , and some of you guys need to learn to treat your girls like that!!!!! i am sooo amazed ... i think this relates to how god treats us in away think about it!

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well,  todays presentation was good !!!!~ im messed up some but it was still good both of them were ...... but i got mad at the team because of something , it really made me upset...! i was gonna go off on the team monday , bc it really made me out to be a liar , and im not ... i was soo mad i was even thinking about quitting the team , bc it just made me furious!!!! but when my emotions finally got intact w/ my head , and i remembered that it aint really bout all that i felt better ...!!! well, yeah , sooo .. i didnt mean to come off like i did sorry !. have a great day kids!

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to Jarred!

Hey hey Hey !   i hope this makes you LAUGH! its gonna be okay ,i know yousaid you feel weird , but in the future you will laugh , & really it cant be that bad at least not as bad as these....

Its OKAY to scream!

its okay to be sad!!!!

but DONT GO CRAZY!!!! tehehe.... love you!remember it will be FINE!

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heres to help you guys through today!: (its what i think will help you right now according to what i know about how your doing ihope it helps someone.

Tamara -eccl.3:1-8 there really is a time for everything , and you are  gonna be awesum at the presentation doing carmens part ,you always are!~

tyler im gonna give the same verse as tamara  ecc.3:1-8 ... there is a season for everything , and also , many things in life go not the way we ever planned , but it all works out for the best josh.1:9b

Austin- i hope you have an awesum day , and even when your feeling lazy , just keep working hard ! no matter how much you dont wanna do it! i thess. 5:12-15

Corey- remember you have many friends , and when you feel alone remember you got me & jesus & the mime team!prov.18:24

Jacob- you are really growing , and dont slow up!!! i mean growing in more than one way , especially spiritually , and in mime , and even as a friend!!!col. 2:6-7

gracie- dont ever feel like you have to do things to fit in , bc your awesum , and i know you arent , but i want you know you are soooo cool, and you dont ever have to be liuke this world! Rom.12-2

Jarred- you are going through many changes , and that doesnt mean bad nor good! just change , you have a real talent , and you are good at everything you do .... do it to your best. col.3:23 .. u know it!phil.4:13

 hey yall read those verses! it will encourage yall!

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