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July 15, 2009

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Allen'n Mathis!


I like a lot of stuff .. really! mostly christian stuff! lots of country, BRITT Nicole, jimmy Needham, skillet, Jeremy Camp.... lot of others


love comes sofly series, the notebook, vegietales, a walk to remember, one night with the king, when a stranger calls, princess bride,



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do u fear it? or embrace it?

So i am reading this book, called Rachels Tears! its about a Girl named Rachel who died in the Columbine tradgedy! she was asked if she believed in God! she said"you know i do!'' klebold then said "go live w. him then" & was shot!the 2 guys that shot her , one reportedly had a crush on her, [he wasnt the one to shoot her !] but he ridiculed her , and called her a GODLY whore , & all kinds of names! why didnt he save her? ....

 Rachel was a strong Christian and at the talent show she presented "watch the Lamb" & she was made fun of! but she didnt care! i wish i could be like that , every choice made by me , is all about what others think!

   she died for what she believed! i thought about this & if i was asked"do u believe in God? " & they had a Gun pointed at my head , would i say Yes?its easy to tell you i would, but then actually being in that situation would I? would I die in his name?  i have to 100% honest at this....

   i hate admitting that i Dont know  if i really could ::hopefully i wont be put in that situation, but then that the greatest way i could die! my death would impact others!i should be proud to die like that! but then why is there so much fear in dyeing! why do i fear death? i should look forward to it!!shouldnt i?

 okay, now heres the question would you be willing to die for one who died for you? does anyone feel like i do?


"we don t know when our time is up , you cant die b4 your time , you die when its your time !we needda live like its our last day , because might be"


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Yeah , okay!


i made it!!!

Easy enough !

 i got some stuff done , not as much as i would like to have though....

 Read 2 books (10 com. of dating, &measure of the heart)

      okay , you know how God gives you what you need b4 you even realize you need it? well, b4 church i had this unhappiness about someone , & i told erin & we decided i should just take a break  4rm them for a few days , dont call them up or nothing! we couldnt decide how 2 go about doing that & telling that person  ! & God was at work ..... he put the youth group lesson , and that challenge in front of me , so then i cant talk 2 them any possible way !!!!!yay!! .. anyways.


 tuesday i layed in bed most the day, wasnt feeling so great . i wasnt sick, just sorta not feelng too well..... just being a sissy!


  yeah & then i get on here , and i dont really feel to loved and all!! lol... its okay i totally understand! yall just needed a break from Elizabeth!

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i wont be on til thursday!

Yeah its true , our youth group  had aclass on addiction & starting monday i signed up for 3 days of pain!i  cant use computer , phone , radio, or tv ... pray i make it& dont tempt the easily tempted... dont call me ..okay .. cuz i will pick up ! im glad we didnt do food!!!! lol.

well, leave messages for me kids! love yall

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4th of july [the ideal perfect day]

it was awesome i made up w.kollin!!!!! Itwas just a mood yesterday[ ... hmmm.... someone no nmes begining w. myself and that person beng me! errr... needs to get checked 2 see if they are bypolar!!!lol.. no seriously!]brb ....

 well, today was great ... me & kollin are better than b4 ,wAY BETTER! WE AE FANASTIC!&  TONITE WAS REALLY SPECIAL TO MY HEART !!!!!  it all meant alot 2me!!! and i had a great time,and areally good taLk w. mom!!!! and life is sooo short , this day was soo short to me , its a vapor in the wind!!!!! its all memories now , .... moving on ..!!!

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this is funny you guys! corey couldnt get in his house , today .... oh , it  was funny !!! soo.... he lifted me up , and i got in the window , and well, almost got straight threw, til i realize my ... was not gonna go well, i tried , to make it work , but no go ...... so i scraped my leg ... GOOD NEWS I MADE IT threw !!!! bad ew leg is scraped yay!


fun... reminds me of the time i got stuck in a baby swing in that feild of dreams park , they had to call the fire dep..... then i got out b4 the fire dep. got there , so we had to put me back in , & when they came , theyjust lifted theswing tipped me over , and i fell on my face ... TRUE STORY , too...loll

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