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Jordan Taylor

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September 05, 2006

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Music, French horn, different instramental ensembles, Murfreesboro Youth Orchestra, Nashville Youth Symphony, hanging out with friends, and just having a good time.


Classical, Led Zep, some System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chilli Peppers


The Ladys Man


Tuesdays with morrie

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I\'m gona start over

I feel like we can start to get back to regular life now.

I\'m ok with everything, and I think I understand why everything happened the way it did...well at least my understanding anyway.

I\'m ready to move on to a new life.
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Hey got a new cell 785-0064

call me

we won!
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A couple of nights ago i had a dream that i was in water...and i was floating on my back. I could feel the water rush over my face and i was holding my breath. I tryed to turn over but it took alot of effort, and when i tryed to lift my self out of the water i was to week. I was drowning then I woke up breathing really hard.

Strange dreams...
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Friday night

last night was real fun, i just like laughin that much....{turns inside out}

ha but when grant took me home last night we were goin down middle tennessee and a bunch of guys ran across the street, one with a cag over his head....BEER!!

ha...funny stuff
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ok well i can play again...for the most part...lost some endurance but i can gain it back

pretty sure mrs swan is not my favorite all
3rd day we have our book we have done 3 chapters...its retarded

o and i failed my silas marner test....that doent make me to happy...

so...who wants to do somethin?
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my friends

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