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October 28, 2007

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Christmas Break

Well these past few weeks have been alot of fun. I wish i did not have to go back to school. I am enjoying it there but i dont want to go bak and do school work and be stresssed all the time ahhh. This break was a much needed one. I have not done that much but it has been fun just hanging out with my friends and such.

i really miss all of my church friends. It was relly good to be home and be able to go and hang out with my church friends sunday night was alot of fun i really miss the youth group and everyone in there.

Well it is a new year, alot of things happened last year good and bad sad and happy. This year is going to be great hopefully. I cant wait to see what all God has planed for this year i cant wait to see.

Have a great week be safe and have fun :)

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so school right now pretty much stinks. Im really happy that i have my first semster over with. I just really pray and hope that i passed all of my exams. im so nervous. ahhhhh!!!!! I just want it to hurry up and be friday or saturday so i can see my grades.

I have so much stuff on my mind and i just want to be at home with all of my friends. I miss my friends that are at freed and harding.

Well i have to go pack to get ready to go home. i cant wait. to bad my mom is not at home im kinda sad that she isnt going to be there when i get home she is in Pennsylvania.

Have a great day


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AHHHHH i need to vent!!!

i so need a break from school. Im sick of my suite mates i love my roomate but ahhhh

okay im okay lol. just a few more days till fall break then s couple of weeks and it is christmas break i cant wait :) :) :) :) :)

so anyways this weekend was alot of fun, i got to attend the first service at lighthouse and that was great :) im really exited about what all God is doing in our church!

Also today mtcs choir was at Lipscomb so it was great getting to see them. I miss HIGH SCHOOL SOOSOSSOSOSOSOSOSOSOOOSO MUCH !!!!!!!!

Well i have to go do homework. Have a great week

Loveya bunches Jess\"\"
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So i love Lipscomb. Tonight was amazing. It was sanctuary it was awazing. God really worked through me tonight and that makes me really happy i really need tonight. I got to register for classes today too and i got all the classes that i wanted and needed so that makes me happy! Well one week tilll i get to go home for fall break i cant wait! God is an amazing God just look outside your window and look at the trees and the leaves and just everything around you!   

     Loveya Jess

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my first week of school went pretty good. i feel bad becouse i didnt talk to that many new people but i had fun with my friends. Im relly exited about school i think it is going to be hard but im just relly exited lol i dont know why but im just ready for something new im sick of the same old same old. i think im going to do a community service group that sounds like alot of fun so i think that what im going to do and mabey i will meet new poepl.

well have a great day Loveya jess
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