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November 01, 2006

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Doctors cost to much in Hawaii...


They cost to much down here…….



Yeah, so everyone knows Dr. Pepper right?



Yeah sure you do. Great Doctor if I do say so myself. One of my favorites. Well anyways as we know Doctors can cost a lot, and everyone can’t afford “Dr.Pepper” even if he is the best. So what do we do, well I will tell you what we do, we go to his brother……….Dr. Thunder



The Doctor you can always get to. He doesn’t cost anywhere near what his brother Dr. Pepper does. But he’s not as good……

Well being down here in the islands, we don’t really have those Doctors. (and if you could find them there is no way you could afford them)But, its ok for those of you worrying about me right now……because I have found someone who can cur my sickness it’s there LONG LOST COUIN…….




It’s Dr. Skipper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so much better, I can get six appointments for only one dollar!!!!! He is highly favored among the Hawaii-boys  

Ok so this was pretty much the worst post I have ever done. But when I saw this Dr. Skipper can…….O I lost it. so sorry if ya’ll didn’t get the same thing out of it as I did but I thought I was funny!


January 28, 2006
Rebekah Minor said

so, how many ABC stores have you seen?
January 28, 2006
kim and dani said

my dear - first- pulchritude as derived from the latin word "pulcher" has many meanings referring beyond physical beauty (latin kid) secondly - pay grade- hmmm since i being the wonderful free-loader have never worked for pay and therefore do not have a pay grade cause the amazing parentals pay for everything - thirdly- how many times have you had to pull out that heavy dictionary - hope you haven't hurt your back *winks* - next- dani thinks that it would be bad if Hodge's stang didn't get driven while he's gona and thusly volunteers to do so - finally - love to all and stop bloody saying merry Christmas
January 28, 2006

lol.. wow
January 28, 2006
Kimberly said

dr skipper...hmm..thats hilarious! and kim also volunteers to drive and/or keep the mustang!
January 28, 2006
Hawaii Boys said

Umm....yeah, no ABC stores anywhere. but you can get a Dr. Skipper!!! and yeah, my baby back home(my mustang that is) is being taken care of by mama hodge. but thanks for those of you that volunteered. i think ya'll can drive it next never :) -hodge
January 28, 2006
Emily W. said

dr. skipper.. thats pretty awesome
January 28, 2006
Rachael Vance said

hey so that's great....i thought it was quite comical myself. i will try to send u guys some dr. pepper soon! be good!
January 29, 2006
r said

Does it taste any good?
January 29, 2006
Hawaii Boys said

honestly if you took the names off ,i couldnt tell them apart. Dr. skipper is better then dr.tunder and just as good as yeah....but its all in the name. b/c if you took dr.skipper back to mainland i dont think it would work
January 29, 2006

dude, i was impressed with the dr skipper, i think it's better than dr thunder... but never the original...
January 29, 2006
Maria Haun said

not the original...but still cool...glad to see the dr. is taking care of you...i miss you guys...hope all is from your wifey!
January 29, 2006
Dani said

that was the attack of the michael - he picked me up and i ended up coming down making contact between my shoulder blade and the metal part of the bed
January 30, 2006
Leslie Dudney and Justin Vance said

Dr. Skipper is WAY better than Dr. Thunder...but definately not as perfect as Dr. Pepper...he's the best Dr.

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