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November 01, 2006

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Worst job Ever!!!!!

Gotta watch!!!!

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 So I was given a job by a woman that I’m kinda working for on campus the other day. The job was very easy but some how I found a way to get confessed. Anyways the job was simply to put some stuff up about the clubs here on campus. She has some boards that have not been updated in about 4 years…. So she asked if I would make them look better…..pretty much do what ever I wanted to. So I took the job! And this was what I had to work with


So I got started and went to the cool room that I get to use…..yeah the only problem with it was…..well no one was there…see I guess ppl don’t really work on a Monday, I was alone for 5 hours…….:(


Then I was getting ready to make some copies….and that’s when I found him……I call him the BEAST!!!!!!.


This thing has more bottins then a airplane


So trying to not get confessed I looked for some instruction…..


only to be set somewhere else….


So then I found them…..

Please someone take a sec and try to understand what the fat I was supposed to have done……codes and numbers and names…….. hodg-e doesnt do that..




But after some time of fighting with the Beast……yeah I moved to a much smaller copier  on the other side of the room. Anyways all in all the day came together…and this was the end product……

Not exactly what I wanted but I was happy……just another day in Hawaii. Aloha.

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Hey, so this is kinda long…. But stick with it. If you’re just too tired (lazy) to read it all, just look at the pictures and leave us something.

So, after much prayer and hard work, blood, sweat, and tears (ok, so not so much blood, sweat, and tears… but u know) we finally had our first meeting of Critical Mass. We wanted to let all of ya’ll in on how it went. And one word sums it all up…… DANG!!! (see previous blog).

So here’s the basic run down of what happened….


We acquired the “Game Room” from MCC to hold our meetings every Thurs. Now, when we say “Game Room” we mean that its got one ping pong table that’s unusable and has several chairs to take up any kind of space that would supposedly be used for fun… hence the name “Game Room”.

Hodge and I found out that this is what it takes to pull off a meeting here in HI. (p.s. We now have a new found love for the glorious men and women who make up the AO tech team…… aka we suck at anything having to deal with technology outside of phusebox) If ya’ll knew the trouble that it took to find a flippin projector screen on the island of Maui, you’d understand our new found adoration. (as u can tell, I (Hodge) am not writing this)

Here’s the fruits of our labor….. isn’t it glorious (comm’on through me a figgin bone here) It’s no AO, but it sure is CM………….lol.

Yay… our first slide show (is it supposed to take an entire day to make one of these?)

We had a 15 minute game lined up that ended up lasting all of about 3 mins. But, here’s the real beauty of this pic…. We had come with the full expectation of having possibly 3-5 other people there besides ourselves. (why do we doubt God’s power?) As you can see, there were many more than that. In all, there were 19 other people there besides Hodge and I. This is ridiculous for a commuter campus of 2800… DANG! We had almost 2% of the entire college there (that’s huge… that relates to AO having roughly 460 people at their first meeting ever) PRAISE GOD!!! Cause we know that it had absolutely nothing to do with us, but only by His grace. It only get’s better from here though.



And now we come to the Heart of Worship…..


It was amazing how the Lord opened our eyes to the real situation at hand… there are people here that are in love with our Savior, Jesus Christ. We were completely astounded on how much the Lord moved in our very first meeting. The spirit of the room was electrifying and left both of us in udder amazement. There are no words to express how thankful we were to the Lord for his mercy and grace to us on Thursday night. HOW GREAT THOU ART!!!!!!!!!



Yay… I get to speak……



Did I really get to speak about the glory of our Lord? How freakin cool is that?



Hey, guess what, Hodge got to speak too…….. YAY!!!!



And he did a wonderful job… bless him Jesus (church lady voice).



So, what does this all mean? What’s it all about college student of 2006? The reality is…..We have been astounded by the goodness and mercy of the Lord Christ Jesus. We find ourselves blessed to be called children of the Living God, and even more fortunate to be able to spread His name and glory. We know that ya’ll have been prayin for us as we’ve been here, and that a lot of people were prayin this last Thursday. You can’t quite understand how necessary that is until you’re here in our positions. So, all that’s to say, thanks. Ya’ll mean a lot to us, and we can’t wait to get back home when its our time.


-Jeff and Hodg-E

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Ok so if you know me this should be funny
so last night at church, our pastor was talking about Jesus and how great and wonderful he is. At the end he stop, and you could tell he was seaching for a word. So to describe how great and wonderful Christ is.....he said "well as they say in TN......DANG!" and everyone just lost it,
See jeff and i are changing the islands!!!!!!!!
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mama hodge


p.s mama hodge has a phusebox

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