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Death to the jellyfish

God calls us to get OUT of our comfort zone and get away from what's easy. You see after so much easiness, the life of easiness then become our norm. Then we become what I call (this is a Hodg-eism) a jellyfish. If you know anything about jellyfish, they don't really move. They just go with the current, with what's easy. They don't have to move b/c the life around them is so easy. The current takes them everywhere. They are so in there comfort zone that they don't even know what's going on around them.

I feel that we has Christian fall into this trap day in and day out. We get so consumed about ourselves and what's easy for us. We sit and hang out with people that are just like us, people that will just verify our opinions. We stay in our groups b/c it's easy and it's comfortable. And people can see that there's something different about us as Christians. However, just like a jellyfish people are afraid of us. They know that if they try to get to close too our little groups they might get stung.

We want things to be easy. I mean who doesn't? However, I've looked and I can't find in the Bible where says that Christian have it "easy". Actually it's pretty much the opposite. Now it's not always bad to be comfortable, God will put us in a comfortable place sometimes so that we can get our feet set on solid ground and get ready for the next step in his glory.


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On the 10th day of February of the 2006th year of our Lord Jesus, the greatest reunion of all time took place in the land of Maui, Hawaii. The players of this fateful journey where that of greatest kinship. They were known as Justin Hood, the Great Naked One, Hodg-E the Keeper of the White Moon in the Turtle Order, and Jeff The Red (but mostly white), the Great Diving Ninja.

When our long lost hero Justin Hood landed in the strange Valley Isle, there was much joy and excitement in the air. This day was foretold long ago, and now had come to pass. Upon seeing his two brethren, he exclaimed, "What the fat?!!!" (talk about some freaked out Hawaiians)

Hodg-E the Keeper of the White Moon in the Turtle Order, and Jeff, ran to meet him.

As they returned to the Fortress of Anexxation (aka…. Our house, the Annex), Justin's heart was lifted to the heavenly blessed music of Kenny Chesney with such lyrics depicting sexy tractors and clear water beaches.

And there in the sanctity of their lair, the Greatest Reunion of All Time began.

Justin surely believed that his journey would be a treacherous and challenging one indeed. Hence the full pack of clothes for one weekend.

The joy of the newly reunited brotherhood was electrifying.

The trio then headed to the local market (mall) to enjoy the modern architecture.

(Fast forward to next day.)

On the waking morn of the 11th day of February of the 2006th year of our Lord Jesus, our group of Heroes headed to the baptism of fellow believers.

There they found 2 of the fair Blondo sisters……


(ain't they so cute!.... Hodg-E)

And then Gerard, their good friend and worship leader, received his water Baptism to show his commitment to the Lord.

(that's what its all about…. Justin)

(Ok, I'm tired of writing in the King James Version… so here's the Message translation… Jeff)

After going to the Baptism, we went to the only Krispy Kreme in the entire state of Hawaii. Out of over 100 islands in the entire archipelago, we have the only one on Maui.


After five doughnuts and a pint of milk a piece… we pretty much cried like little girls because we couldn't take any more.

We even managed to get over the racism problem here on the islands.

We decided to go up into the West Maui Mountains (which many of you have seen in our pics) and Justin found the infamous "

Loke St.
" sign. Turd… that one's just for you.


We got to the top and goofed off while enjoying the vast wonder that is God's magnificent creation.


We went back home and got ready to go surfing with a guy from the church (Shawn).

As you can see…. Obviously when we go surfing, I, look like a ninja.

Well, the water was completely flat, so instead, we went diving.

We got some great pics of a school of Yellow Tailed Jacks.


And somehow, in the middle of all of God's beautiful under-water creation… Hodge and Justin found some time to spoon.

Not only did Hodge spoon with Justin, but he managed to somehow "ride" a turtle…. I can't lie, I was impressed….. (no pic here, since it's a $500 fine to touch one; much less ride it) Poor turtle.

From there, we went to Jack in the Box for dinner and headed back to the Annex to shower and clean up before that night.

We went to the beach with some of our local friends to have a bonfire…. Actually it was more of a campfire, but oh well.

What we had come to find out though, is that someone else had the idea, they just lit a car on fire instead….. that was interesting.

After the proper authorities had put out the fire, and had left…… we proceeded to have our own "bonfire".

Here's some great pics from the bonfire…. They've got everybody from Forrest to Jah to Tez to Dave to Gerard to Steve to Us.


The crazy thing was that we couldn't really leave until much later than we were going to stay because about 200 local high school kids decided that it'd be cool to come out to our particular spot to get hi. Talk about fun. YEA!!! So, that was annoying.

Spooning was promised to the phusebox world, and Justin and Hodge provided on the TWIN bed.

And when we woke up Saturday morning we were met with the nastiness of our room that can only come from the 3 of us being together. It is in this messy state that we write this blog to you now.

Sunday was cool… but we didn't take any pictures, so that's that.

This morning was kinda hard since we had to get up at around 5 O'clock to take Justin to the airport. However before we sent our best bud back to the big island we had to make one last stop at  Krispy Kreme (witch is pretty good at 6 in the morning)


We also found something that made us think of Jeff….we said this is Jeff before and after Hawaii!!!!

So this ended our O so great weekend. We hope that everyone has enjoyed this, "THE GREATEST REUNION OF ALL TIME" blog. Thanks for keeping up with it, and please comment freely.




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Get Ready.....

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Sad night for Hodg-E

So this was a sad night for me, come on a journey with me so that I can share with you what happened

So I was making my why into the kitchen when it all started.

It was about 10pm and since my mom is pretty much the most freaken coolest mom EVER, she had sent me some snakes(aka snacks) this week. (This made me very happy since we can't really afford snakes(aka snacks) down here, I love my mama.) So knowing that I have snakes(snacks) just waiting on me I headed for our (mine and jeffs) own pantry.  

And yes that said Missionaries Pantry (that's what they call us) its kinda funny!

Anyways, I opened up the "MISSIONARIES PANTRY" looking for…….MY "Chips Ahoy" Chewy cookies. You know the best kind of cookie ever, b/c there all chewy and soft :), yeah those…..and found

THEY WERE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was terrible, I was so confused.

And that's when it hit me…..they were really gone.  

But thenI remembered that tonight was youth group night. and jeff and I just so happen to live in the church.( so the youth room is about 3 steps from our room and the kitchen. The youth also always eats after they are done with church for the night…) So I new if I probably looked around I would find some evidence……. and then a brake through….

But it was to late

So who did this? Why was this done? These are question that must be and will be answered soon. more to come in the next few days, But for now it is a sad night for Hodg-E

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Plowin these fields in the hot summer sun

over by gate Lodi here she comes

with a basket fun chicken and a big cold jug of sweet tie. 

I make a little room and she climes on up

Open up the throttle and stir a little dust

Look at her face she ain’t aw foolin me…..

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