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November 19, 2006

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yep nothing like a little inspiration

so i def. wanna go on a roadtrip or something.

i could even venture to the other end of chattanooga.


no class tomorrow. yay.

have a nice evening.



[p.s. watched the oc..i so predicted she'd be knocked off..]

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in honor of hearing that 98 degrees are going to get back together at some point [but then again...dc talk said the same thing....and so we know how that's going...]..i was jamming out today to "98 Degrees and Rising". and it was fun.  so here's to some more 98 degrees.

and yes, i am excited to purchase the ashley parker angel cd....

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the past few days/tonite [in pictures]

i found wristbands when cleaning. i'm yardselling them. yeah. i'm purging all my crap. score.

i swept the garage. my father told me to put this on. then did so himself. and i fought SARS. and swept.

cleaning my room i foudn this shirt [which i cut the sleeves on and love even more], these glasses in the bottom of a purse and the hat. woohoo.

so i have to have my room finished tomorrow after class gotta do it...and look for a job..more..i dont' want to look tom. tho...shoudl prob. call back the bookstore...

mom says no one will buy my "punk" kit at the yardsale..if not...we'll ebay'll sell there! someone will buy it for sure..


think i'm out.

hope you enjoyed the pics.

[they'll be the last except for ones i scan b/c i'm gonna be taking off the pic/txt thing on my we'll hope for a digital camera for the bday instead...]



[now playing: the get up kids- new found mass]

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job oh job...

oh job applications, interviews and having to look nice...


all in time...

[np:Weezer- the pinkerton record. woop.]

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math class sucks.

going to watch caroline today. yay. we're making brownies. =)  she's only the cutest three year old about ever.

job interview at 3. hope that i don't look too "unfashiony" as to not get it...

have a nice day, kids.



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