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November 19, 2006

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went to riverbend last nite [big almost 2 week long music fest in chattanoga].

it was christian nite, with audio adrenaline headlining. the venue is HUGE- the stage is on a humongo barge on the TN River right in the middle of downtown...

so watched my boys in the turning play an awesome set and took tons of pics- they're just rad and so uberly nice- jacob said next time i could get on stage to take pics *giddy*

and then jessie called and asked if i wanted to sit beside the stage to see audio a.  i'll post pics so you can see the scope of how huge this stage is and how if you aren't just right there, everyone looks just like ants...i mean there were around 50,000 people there. and there's prob. 50-60 seats on the side of the stage. so i was three rows away from audio a. didn't get to catch the whole set b/c i have class in about 15 mins [i'm at panera. yay] but it was cool- about 15 mins. after we left, i get a txt from jessie saying she just got off stage w/ them for a whole song...i coulda been on stage with audio a...but it's cool...but yeah...the seats were just AMAZING.....

but for now, class calls...once i get about 20 more pics off this roll i'm gonna prob. one hour it so i'll get some pics up asap-

regardless- last nite was about one of the best shows ever!



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2nd row. as cities burn concert. playing "the nothing that kills". amazing song. about 6-7 mins. long. jenny gets a knee,shoe or leg or something to the head. she falls down. realizes "holy crap i need to get up or else i'm gonna get trampled". no one helped her up which wasnot right. but she gets up. thinks to herself "i wanna cry because that hurt. but i'm not going to". so she went to the bathroom and poured some water on her head where she had gotten hit.  she then went back into the room and took some pictures of cody doing "the widow" by himself. she got excited. sang along really loudly like everyone else. then the show was over.

so there ya go. there's the interesting part of my nite last nite.

have a lovely day, all...


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happiness yay

so anberlin's show is a no-go since i have a test the day afterwards of the show.

but it's ok.


as cities burn's show is tomorrow!!!!!!! *dances*

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::don't wanna be in love with YOU::

i'm glad to know everyone in the universe is in love.

oh wait.

except me..


of course not

i need to go get ready to go this wedding and help tina with pictures/take candids. woohoo. *rolls eyes*

have a nice day.


[np:nine days- "shoes on the bed" [from a massa old indie record]

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anberlin is playing chattanooga.

sooooo pumped.

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