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November 19, 2006

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nevertheless and relient k..woop

“Nevertheless's new record makes me a happy camper.  Even when I'm not camping.  The songs sound amazing, and they're well written.  Kudos to the band for having such a strong debut.”

- Matthew Thiessen (Relient K)

now that's awesome. found it in the "flicker ticker" today. and it excited me. so i had to share.

have a nice day.

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Imogen, Love...

Imogen Heap is the stuff.

Her record is amazing.

Everyone should go buy a copy.


thank you.

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just to throw it out there for anyone who might care- i've update my photo myspace page and totally redone everything. so check it out if you would like, and i would like you to! =)



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you ever get a gift from someone and you aren't expecting it to be a certain thing, like something waaaaay off from what you were expecting, and you just wanna cry b/c you don't want it and really have no interest in it but the person who gave it to you was really excited? then you make them feel bad b/c you seem not to care.

yeah. happy birthday to me.

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cartel is a way rad band.

i'm going to see copeland and lovedrug in august. i'm more exited about lovedrug, really.

i really wanna see cartel, tho. eli said they were really awesome live.

i really like this boy. and i don't think he realizes i exsist, well..he does to some extent, but i fear he's out with his girlfriend that i'm not even sure if she's existent.  so yeah. i might try the "ignore your feelings" method- again.

edit: did i mention i'm not gonna see him again til august?:

have a nice day.


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