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November 19, 2006

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went flyering with andy.

fun times.

dinner was yummy.

we are def. hitting up the jub again.


i think i'm out.

have a nice day.



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so i got an 80 on my sociology test.

the one i thought i failed.

that's a B-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yayayayyay! party time..

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finished it..score..

finished his present for thursday.


def. can't wait to give it to him on thursday. =)


and my presentation went loverly today in education, got to take some pics of andy *yay* and got my keychain of the space needle. score.

have a nice nite. i need to go to bed soon.



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the world...

it feels like..

zoom zoom zoom

right past my head.

off to working on that kid's b-day present...

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and so we start again

have to give my presentation on banned/censored books today...SO not ready for it...for real not ready for it....atleast my handout is pretty.

i wanna take some pretty pictures. i need to find someone and just do a photo shoot with them. maybe if heather and i chill next weekend in woodbury or something...i really wanna get some pretty outdoor pictures...and you know, i wish that someone would take some rad pics of me, too.  not a ton...just a few really good ones..i believe dan said he'd take one of me last we might have to say something to him....i really just wanna take pics in a field...and i was just looking at some that this chick took of a band in a cemetary in cleveland...way cool looking..who knows...

let's get thru the education and my presentation. and hope and pray that they ask questions i can answer and atleast give some interaction.

guess i need to get up outta the bed and get going..gotta look fairly decent today since i'm reporting....

have a great day!



[NP: Led Zeppelin-That's The Way]

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