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October 12, 2006

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Classical and indie.


Dead Again, V for Vendetta, Silence of the Lambs, Sleeping Beauty, The Emperors New Groove, Legally Blonde, Yellow Submarine, Help, PotC I, Star Wars IV-VI, LotR, Miss Congeniality, The Phantom of the Opera


The Phantom of the Opera, Little Women, The Red Tent, The Other Boleyn Girl, Memoirs of a Geisha, Ivanhoe, The da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Enough Rope, Not So Deep as a Well, etc

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An Angsty Lapse

Well, having finally viewed Brigit Jones: The Edge of Reason, I\'ve come to this conclusion [it has to be read in a British accent, though]:

It\'s a really sucky state of events when you\'re missing someone you desperately care for, but have sincere doubts that they\'re missing or even thinking about you.

All right. Angsty moment over. Read about amusing boarding-schoolish escapades below. [They involve duct tape and curfews -- a good read, I promise, lol.]

*Less than five minutes later* All right, why the hell do I have a contemporary hymn stuck in my head?!! Although it feels odd asking \"why the hell\" about a hymn, but....

*And five seconds after that* So we had a \"dessert pizza contest,\" and our group decided to create a rendition of dear Vincent\'s Starry Night [you know you\'re a humanities student WHEN....]. In the end we had to call it Starry Night On LSD. And find a creative, humanities-ish way to present it. We had a rap, a public service announcement, and a poem. I was in charge of the latter. I had ten minutes, a pen, and a pile of napkins, so apologies, it is rough. But it amuses me, so it gets posted here.

*Clears throat*

Vincent Van Gogh, with his brush,
Left his paints for stranger stuff
Swirl of chocolate, dab of cream,
He was on LSD, it seems.
This artefact, dug up in France,
Serves as proof of trippin\' trance.
It may be tasty, it may be cool,
But our Impressionist, he was a fool,
And this shows why, instead of drugs,
You all instead should turn to hugs.

Buahahaha. We owned. And managed not to get whip-creamed by another group. Go us!

I will not break curfew tonight and get locked out. If you need an explanation, I trust the post below will suffice. :P
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Hijinks Galore

Shall soon be collaborating with 6\'1\" weight-lifting Jeff about what to do to our resident ingrate as mentioned in the previous post.

Professor Wenz is now threatening to \"punch me to the moon.\" Oh well -- he\'s recovering from pneumonia, he can\'t do anything. *Grins*

That was horrible of me.

We\'ll ignore that.

Did you know that the dorms here LOCK at 10:00 [i.e. curfew]? To the point that your swipey card won\'t even open the door to the stairwell?? Let me explain....

So I\'m sitting in the computer lab [yes, again -- lay off, it\'s my one link to society] and I see that well, goshdarnit, it\'s 9:59! Time to rush back to dear old [literally] Ellington Hall dormitories. On the way I meet up with Brent and Rachel, and we debate the best way inside the building without getting caught. Being much experienced in this venue by now, I immediately advise against going in the front door near the basement, as it was positively teeming with councillors and directors the LAST time we tried to sneak in past curfew. The general consensus became that if we could just get into the stairwell, we can say we\'ve been there the entire time. Such a plan! While we\'re standing outside, revelling in our genius, the first floor door inside opens up, and out walks Craig [councillor who caught us tardy people the last time around]. Hide around the corner -- he\'ll never look there! Oh, if only.... Rachel and I get caught [Brent was off hiding in a bush, I think. Grr on him]. The door to the stairwell is shut, so I bust out my ID card to swipe it and grant us access to the hallowed halls of habitation. Or so I thought. *Swipe* Still locked. *Swipe* Hmmm. *Swipe*........ *Swipe*.... *Swipe* Try another card! *Swipeswipeswipe* *Rotate barcode* *Swipeswipeswipe* *Repeat* *Try Rachel\'s card* *And again* THEY LOCK THE DOORS AFTER 10:00?!?!! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!! Noooooo! Wait! Deliverance! There\'s a door in the BACK that leads to the basement [I, with my infinite foresight to rule-breaking, had taken care to notice it casually enough that afternoon] -- we\'ll go there, into the basement group room where our compatriots are probably sitting around watching Donnie Darko, and be safe! *Hums Mission:Impossible theme* Yes, everything was going our way. The door was unlocked, we wended our way until there was only one door between us and the basement-group-room. The one door down there that was locked. \"It\'s probably like every other door in this building, and there\'s a lever on the other side that will unlock it. I can see Frank through the peephole. Let\'s pound on the door and get them to let us in.\" * Bangbangbangbangbang* Pretty sure we scared a few of them silly, which is always great fun. Well, if it had been our intent, anyway. We were a bit more determined to infiltrate unnoticed. Yes, it\'s probably like every other door in this dorm.... Which means, of course, that it definitely was NOT. Brent tries his key, which fits but does not turn. Curses. We\'ll have to use the conventional back door. Do the windows open? Yes, yes they do. From the INSIDE. And nobody inside is either willing or able to aid us. Sigh. So we sneak in through the conventional back door, into the basement door, and just when I round the corner and am almost safe beneath ground level, who do I see? Craig! \"Hey Late Girl!\" \"Ahhhhh! *Runs*\" Which is not suspicious at all, as you know.

But it was a hilarious adventure nonetheless, probably because it resembled movie incidences a bit too much.

So yes, do not try to get in at 10:02. This is impossible.

And whatever you do, do NOT start thinking about Eddie Izzard\'s \"Babies on spikes! Taste of chicken! Rack of baby!\" in your ethics class when Dr. Brown decides to use baby torture as an example. It is incredibly hard to keep a straight face, which is directly proportionate to how close to the front you are seated. Naturally, I\'m front and centre. Most awkward. It does not hold well to burst into laughter in your ETHICS course of all places every time somebody says \"baby torture.\" Thankfully, that was avoided, however narrowly.

And then we broke the in-the-room curfew by an hour duct-taping everything in sight. Well, almost everything. Taped Christina [our councillor] into her room a few times [ which resulted in us being chased down hallways and into rooms by handfuls of duct tape -- she was amused by the whole fiasco, though, which is always incredibly good fortune], taped off a hallway, returned a girl\'s book by taping it to the door, then knocking and running away, only to have her room mate come out, ask if we were bored, and tell us she wasn\'t there in the first place. And then going to get her. Triumph!! And the the piece de resistance -- a body outline!! Yesssss! I got to be the body. *Happy Dance* Arrows pointing to the crime scene were also emblazoned onto the floor. Unfortunately, the janitors removed our artwork this morning. Noooooo! Our masterpiece!! I feel kind of guilty they cleaned it up, though. We were so going to do it. Next time we\'re making signs for them. And bringing caution tape. And it\'s going to be awesome. There\'s much more, but it\'s not as interesting [which of course is assuming that ANY of this is] and would take too much space. Then this morning, as Christina kept foiling out attempts to effectively block her in, we left a welcome mat outside her door of duct tape -- sticky side up. *Sigh of Contented Bliss* It was havoc well-wrought. I\'m going to like this whole dorm-life/college concept when it rolls around next fall. ;D

I wonder what could be accomplished between now and dinner.... Buahahaha.
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Quick Remark:

Warning: Really Long Post, With Angry Teeth-Gnashing at the End.

Name: Kelly Sullivan, Supreme Ruler of All She Surveys
Birthday: November 8 – 4 months, 24 days! I think. That involves numbers, though, so no promises.
Birthplace: Murfreesboro, a veritable metropolis.
Current Location: Fourth seat from the right, second table, computer lab, Andy Holt Humanities Building, Martin, Tennessee
Eye Color: Beautimous blue.
Hair Color: Brown. With relatively out-grown highlights. Bleach… *Twitch*
Height: 5’ 7” in the morning, when I stand up really-really straight! But I think I’m probably average around 5’ 6” during the day… Sigh…
Right Handed or Left Handed: Right.
Your Heritage: Geeze… Native American, Irish, Welsh, English [no Scottish, though!] German/Prussian, Czech, Polish. And we’re just going to assume that somewhere somehow down the line an ancestor was French. Whether that’s actually true or not is irrelevant. *Winks*
The Shoes You Wore Today: Old Navy flip-flops.
Your Weakness: Foreign accents and good hair. And insanity.
Your Fears: Spiders and thunderstorms. And death. Big fear of the death thing. Oh, and extremist takeover, whether that’s merely in our political system or another culture over-running us.
Your Perfect Pizza: Amy’s Vegan Pizza, available at Kroger.
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Dual-enrollment. It’s on the rocks right now. Oh, and graduating would be nice.
Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: “Lol,” “lmao,” “heh,” “hehe” and other remarks
Thoughts First Waking Up: I really, REALLY don’t want to get out of bed… Did we finish the philosophy work??
Your Best Physical Feature: My feet in heels.
Your Bedtime: 12:00, give or take.
Your Most Missed Memory: When I was little, and nothing was impossible or complicated. And Dad seemed to be home more often.
Pepsi or Coke: Eh, neither.
MacDonald\'s or Burger King: Ahhhhh!
Single or Group Dates: Single.
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Either.
Chocolate or Vanilla: CHOCOLATE! *Salivates*
Cappuccino or Coffee: Cappuccino.
Do you Smoke: Jamais [never].
Do you Swear: Fuck no.
Do you Sing: In the car, or in the shower if nobody else is in the house, lol.
Do you Shower Daily: Yes.
Have you Been in Love: Nope.
Do you want to go to College: If I don’t, my guidance councilor tells me I’ll die old, alone, and impoverished.
Do you want to get Married: It might be nice. But it’s not like I’d settle down with just anyone because it’s nice.
Do you believe in yourself: Sometimes.
Do you get Motion Sickness: Nope. I read, write, AND draw on cars and planes alike!
Are you a Health Freak: Mentally, yes. But it still doesn’t stop me from snarfing two slices of greasy pizza.
Do you get along with your Parents: Yes, actually. We hit a rough spot last year, but everything has smoothed out. Just don’t discuss politics or religion and you’re golden.
Do you like Thunderstorms: *Whimpers*
Do you play an Instrument: The flute.
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol: Not in the past month, no.
In the past month have you Smoked: Never.
In the past month have you been on Drugs: Does caffeine count??
In the past month have you gone on a Date: Nahh, not in the past... erm… 8 months, actually, lol!
In the past month have you gone to a Mall: Nope.
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos: Nope-nope.
In the past month have you eaten Sushi: Nope.
In the past month have you been on Stage: Yeppers!
In the past month have you been Dumped: Nope!
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping: Nope.
In the past month have you Stolen Anything: Nope.
Ever been Drunk: Nope.
Ever been called a Tease: Gr.
Ever been Beaten up: Nope.
Ever Shoplifted: Nope.
How do you want to Die: I’d really rather not. It goes back to that whole “fears” thing, you know? But if I absolutely had to, then in a blaze of heroic glory [so long as the maddeningly deadly heroic feat is pulled off, anyway. It would be so disappointing otherwise.]
What do you want to be when you Grow Up: Millionaire, for obvious reasons. But I’ll settle for President/actress/usher at l’Opera Garnier.
What country would you most like to Visit: DUH. FRANCE.
In a Boy/Girl..
Favourite Eye Color: Any.
Favourite Hair Color: Any.
Short or Long Hair: Longer than usual.
Height: Not picky.
Weight: Proportional.
Best Clothing Style: I’m just happy if they’re clothed.
Number of Drugs I have taken: Caffeine?
Number of CDs I own: God only knows…
Number of Piercings: Two – one per ear.
Number of Tattoos: None. Yet.
Number of things in my Past I Regret: I’m not really sure…

Oh wait. This one kid [in Governor\'s School for Agriculture -- go figure] was bragging about all these horrible things he did to a fellow boy scout on a camping trip when they learned he was gay. His ass is MINE. I can\'t believe people like that are actually stalking the earth! It\'s one thing to read about it in the news, but to encounter a creature like that in a program that is disgustingly selective... It makes you doubt your faith in humanity as a whole. Seriously, this kid better be holding on to his kneecaps, because seventy people are after them to hang over their respective mantlepieces. Not even Disney could soothe me [or taking shoes out of the closet in order to throw them back in], I was that pissed off. And I wasn\'t even there! I had to hear it from the people who were talking to this pathetic excuse of a life-form. He\'s getting called out. Hope he\'s at dinner tonight [more public] [agriculture kids and humanities kids are on a slightly different schedule, so you never can tell]. And he was BRAGGING about it, laughing, calm!! He\'s able to sleep at night after doing such a deed! He\'s not escaping on July 8 unscathed, I can tell you that now. Mum tried to council me not to do anything because there might be retaliation, but if nobody did anything out of fear of retaliation, where would we be? Huh?? Where would we be? It\'s not my fight, I realise this, but I really don\'t care. No one else seems to want to do it.

*Sharpens tongue in preparation for battle*

I\'m so incredibly outraged it\'s nowhere near remotely funny.

....Just had to get that out of my system.

I am calm. I am peaceful. I am calm. I am peaceful. I am calm....

*Goes off to replay \"March of the Toreadors\"*
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Quick Remark:

Monday, Monday....

Elizabeth and I stayed up until 2:00 AM the night before our map test today (the cities of which ate my face) scarfing chocolate and discussing the evils of men. It was fantastic.

You should all try it sometime.

Is it neccessarily sad and pathetic that I\'ve already come up with two-three character ideas for faire next year? And am sketching costumes in geography instead of taking notes on glacier movement?? I\'ve decided I may want to portray a noblewoman next year -- Elizabeth Sydenham, second wife [or at least on her way to it] of Sir Frances Drake. I can lay more claim to it than anyone, because somehow we\'re distantly related. *Waves battle flag of blood relations* And then I get to play with pretty fabrics and shiny stuff, and swear my way through making a standing ruff. .... The other is Grace O\'Malley, Irish pirate-ish-trader-like thing-extraordinaire, who is just badass in her own right. And a chimney sweep: Nicole Ashe. Just because I think going around all sooty and grimy with a blackened broom over one shoulder would be fun.

I got the Killers CD at Wal-Mart yesterday. We put \"Mr. Brightside\" on repeat while studying. It\'s an awesome disc. *Happy*

Tennessee weather is so schizo. Yesterday it was pouring buckets on us, and now the weather gods are all sunshiney and benign. *Shakes fist at the heavens* *Is promptly fried for such temerity* *Sigh* That never works....

Ooh! I might be returning to civilisation for a day or two! Depending on if I decide to enact the right of \"midterm break\" that half the dormitory world will be away on. Fun. I can do laundy, then. I think I have enough clothing to last me the week.... *Grins*
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Nerdiness and Angst



Yes, I am a nerd. Thank you.

And I might work on a swing dance article.

Got edged out of Hamlet, but that\'s okay.

*Sings* I get to cover Star -- Wars! I get to cover Star -- Wars!

Quiz in philosophy. We actually covered territory in class today.

And we\'re studying population in geography. He threatened to beat us with his African stick if we fell asleep. The stick that signifies a man is wealthy enough to have four wives. Subsequent claims of having five or six were doubted by all. New catchphrase for his class is \"Well hot damn!\" Most amusing. He is referred to as Helmut outside of class. As in Lang. Maybe I\'m the only one who gets that, though.

And someone looked at me as though I had said I killed kittens for fun when I told her I was writing something for fun (non-Star Wars). :\\ Hrm. Oh well. She did ask, after all.

So what\'s new back in nice, civilised, Wal-Mart-Super-Centre Murfreesboro??

::::EDIT:::: I get the feeling I shouldn\'t get on this thing for a while.... Because I look at a picture.... And start to miss everyone. It\'s only the first week -- I\'m cold, callous, prickly, and otherwise unpleasant -- this shouldn\'t neccessarily be happening, ya know? eBay will solve everything.... Maybe they\'re selling a soul I can buy. Oh who am I kidding? I\'m looking at cheap/knock-off designers like the label whore I am. :-P Lol. Talk to you guys (much) later. ::::END EDIT::::
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