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October 12, 2006

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Classical and indie.


Dead Again, V for Vendetta, Silence of the Lambs, Sleeping Beauty, The Emperors New Groove, Legally Blonde, Yellow Submarine, Help, PotC I, Star Wars IV-VI, LotR, Miss Congeniality, The Phantom of the Opera


The Phantom of the Opera, Little Women, The Red Tent, The Other Boleyn Girl, Memoirs of a Geisha, Ivanhoe, The da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Enough Rope, Not So Deep as a Well, etc

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Honey, Are You Still Alive?

Leland, you\'ll appreciate this.

So Finis walks up to me on the way to geography yesterday and starts elaborating on how we crazy emcees are going to be doing a Mr. and Mrs. Smith theme for the talent show here, complete with fight scenes, and that we\'re going to be playing the title roles.

Fun, no?

There\'s going to be a mass meeting to write the script.

I\'m excited.

So yesterday we boarded a bus at about noon in order to go traipse through the home of William Falkner. Four hours and three turnarounds later, we\'re convinced we\'re going to die in the wilderness.
The house was nice. The grounds were lovely. The four-foot long poisonous snake was less than attractive, even at a distance. At which point I decide the gardens aren\'t lovely enough to get bitten over. Down the nature trail it is, then, complete with scoffing at the \"don\'t go past the first bridge\" warning! [Come on, I grew up crawling through underbrush without benefit of a trail. What can happen?] Hmmmm.... What\'s that old guy doing walking around in the wild untamed portion of the forest [which is actually a vast majority of the woods]? He looks lost. Except for the fact that he\'s staring intently at something red hanging limply from a tree. I\'ll get closer and try to see what it is! *A few steps later* Then again, mayyyyybe I won\'t. People die that way.
Boy, I miss that poisonous snake about as long as I am tall.... Time to go back! *JauntJauntJaunt*

Memphis mall was the best and longest part of that trip, aside from the drive, which definitely wins out on endurance. Helmut [our geography professor] ate dinner with us. He is one incredibly cool old guy. He prices Indian artefacts on the side, kind of like Indiana Jones! Except he\'s old, and not wreaking havoc upon the Nazi party. I have a studded belt now. For one-fifth the price of those at Hot Topic. It makes me happy. :) I\'ve now been to five Hot Topics within the state of Tennessee. And a bunch of us tried on corsets at Charlotte Russe [which are really just interestingly cut, heavily embroidered polyester shirts with a few cable ties set at flattering angles, but hey, they were still pretty]. There is photographic evidence. I wound up locked out of the changing room, though. That got interesting. Especially when trying to find an associate. Oh well. Makes for a story.


It\'s the weekend. Oh joy, oh rapture. Well, it would be joy and rapture if I didn\'t have to be memorising the location of about fifty European geographical sites.

Oh dear. Creepy Over-the-Monitor Guy is back. After staring in the door and deciding whether he wants to come in. *Waves uncertainly* His demise has not yet come about. As is, granted, evident from the fact that he\'s here, alive and well. I could plot it, form it, perfect it until victory is certain, and he\'s still be oblivious.

....I like doing this a little too much.


::EDIT:: Oh. My God. Over-the-Monitor guy has a friend. I believe they\'re speaking in French. O_O *Doink* ::END EDIT::
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Boredus Maximus

I feel like I should update, but I really have no idea what to type.

You know what I said about the last three weeks become \"extremely, hm, interesting?\" ......Scratch that. Stupid caterers. Stupid orcs. Still not king.

I think the coffee is wearing off from this morning, as I am in a very-close-to-black mood....

The creepy guy at the computer across the table from me keeps sitting up straight intermittently in order to see over the monitor. Damn him. I shall shatter his glasses with my heel and then strangle him with the mouse cord. Hahaaaa! And he shall never terrorise another computer lab again. What\'s great is that I can type an entire paragraph about his demise while he sits three feet away and smiles. And he\'ll be completely oblivious until I enact my \"cunning plan.\" Which is quite literally and rather amusingly bringing an evil smirk to my face that he is misinterpreting as benevolence. My victim is unsuspecting, having been lulled into a false sense of security. I may strike at any time, and take this creature utterly by surprise.

......As I remember there\'s a security camera behind me reading every word.


We\'re going to Oxford, Mississippi, tomorrow in order to tour William Faulkner\'s home. Bonus: stopover in Memphis for dinner. Civilisation. There is a god!! Maybe we can go to Starbucks.... A town without Starbucks does not deserve to be on the map. Did you know there are nearly five times as many tanning salons as there are Starbucks in the nation?? [I guess they counted the ones that were attached to a deisel pump.] This is frightening.

Writing here about random pointless things has actually put me in a good mood. I\'m not even sure why. But hey, who am I to question it??
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Political Rants, Ravings, and Other Disgusted Musings

All quotes taken from an MSNBC article written by Alex Johnson of Nashville, Tennessee.

\"Reviving a major plank of his re-election campaign, President Bush called for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage Tuesday.\"

Please. Does this really constitute an amendment to the mother-loving Constitution of the United States of America?! I was labouring under the delusion that this was a country founded upon the basis of freedom, which includes the freedom to marry whomever you damn well please.

Besides, it\'s not like HE\'S ever going to have one, so why bother preventing other people from marrying people with similar sex chromosomes?? Doesn\'t really affect him, so why is HE getting all up in arms about it? Or anyone ELSE, for that matter?!

Some more of his latest acts of idiocy:
\"In a nod to polling data that suggest Americans strongly support embryonic stem cell research, Bush sought to focus the debate on theoretical pitfalls should such science be perfected.\"

Mayyyybe it\'s just me, but the experiments have to have f-u-n-d-i-n-g in order to merely take place if they\'re ever gonna be perfected.

If you\'ve got a problem with stem cell research, consider how you would feel if it might be the one treatment/practise/experiment that could save both your grandfather and his mind. Then watch your commander-in-chief shoot it down year after year. That\'s all I care to say on the matter. I\'m not even going to employ science on this one.

\"He thanked the 11,077 \'messengers\' who made the trek to Nashville this year for defending \'the values that carry a moral society....\'\"

Okay, this is relatively minor, I suppose, but if applied across the board could translate into a very frightening outcome. He\'s applying morals as defined by one religion\'s mythology. This just in: Not everybody practises said religion. Not everybody buys into the morals as set forth in his particular holy book. Not everybody agrees with practises espoused by holy book. Some think holy book is so diluted as to be practically worthless. To use one\'s religion to govern betrays all those with differing religious views and violates the whole separation of church and state, particularly if the church becomes the state. [Note: Not a stab at Christianity. This is very important for my continued survival.]

Even his own party members are challenging such acts in Congress. That\'s gotta say something.

I\'m pissed off. I need chocolate. Flame me and prepare for a scathing return volley. You have been warned.
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Leavin\' on a jet plane -- er, car that is. In a car.

Well, I\'m leaving in anywhere from 2 seconds to 45 minutes from now.

See you sexy beasts in three weeks. Don\'t have too much fun without me. ;)

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Guess who\'s back -- back again!

Oh dear.... The last three weeks of Governor\'s School will be interesting.... *Grins*

And I thought I\'d never be grateful for Murfreesboro. Baby, go to Martin and you will realise what a cultural Mecca my hometown is. It [Martin] is smaller than Murfreesboro was when my mom moved here -- nineteen years ago.

And is it just me, or is our keyboard jacked up?? I think it\'s just me....

I have The Killers\' CD. Mr. Brightside is stuck in my head. Mum promised to take me to Starbucks before leaving again. Going to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith with supercool people tomorrow. Life is good. :)
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