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October 12, 2006

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Renaissance faires, acting, dancing, drawing, writing, reading, poetry, stage combat, rapiers, archery, coffee and conversation, crème brûlée, France, travelling, Shakespeare, the supernatural, music, laughing, politics


Classical and indie.


Dead Again, V for Vendetta, Silence of the Lambs, Sleeping Beauty, The Emperors New Groove, Legally Blonde, Yellow Submarine, Help, PotC I, Star Wars IV-VI, LotR, Miss Congeniality, The Phantom of the Opera


The Phantom of the Opera, Little Women, The Red Tent, The Other Boleyn Girl, Memoirs of a Geisha, Ivanhoe, The da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Enough Rope, Not So Deep as a Well, etc

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Wednesday Night Parties.

The following are not credited, to protect the guilty.  Bear in mind, all this happened within a relatively short frame of time.

[On purple] "It's like pink, with blue mixed in!"

"I just have no gag reflex."

"Don't eat salsa off the floor."

"Let's just fast-forward it to the part where Marissa dies."
*Room agrees excitedly.*

"...And we're about to watch Pretty in Pink.  Sorry if it's a little girly, but you weren't here when we made the decision."


"It's the sugar.  Wait, we haven't even eaten the sugar!"

"I'm going to spoon it!"

Plus various other quotes which involve spooning something [typical] or someone [less typical].

"[NAME], the apple's supposed to glow."

LATER, in another part of the jungle...

"[MALE NAME], let us put makeup on you!"
"Uhhh... Hold on, let me grab the vodka bottle..." [and a shot glass] "Okay, I'm all set!"

"Well [CHILD] was doing really well, until she put blush on his forehead."

"No dear, that's lipstick, he doesn't need more of that."

"I really like the blue sparkle mustache."

[MALE NAME] "It's not coming off!!!!!  How can a five-year-old put on makeup that solidly???!!"

"I feel pretty, oh so pretty... Hey [MALE NAME [the maquillaged one]], how does the rest of that song go?"
"Pretty, and witty, and ga-- Oh.  Dammit!"

"I was thinking more like Egyptian drag queen."
"So do you think we should do the aqua first, or the gold?"

"Ooh, photo op!  Let's add a sword!"

[Later, in the echoing stairwell near midnight] "Have fun with the porn film!"

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Coincidence? ...Duh!

This [today's horoscope]:

Put aside the routine chores for now. Some extraordinary opportunities are yours to be had if you're ready. It's a win-win situation however you end up. You know how to make the most of the chances coming your way."

Coupled with this [words spoken to me after an audition]:

"Good.  Very good.  We are definitely going to call you back."


Happy Kelly.

However... Mum calling during auditions [!!!!!!!!!!!!] + me expressing [what I think to be justifiable] anger that she called during auditions + her hanging up on me when I informed her of the severe gauche-ness that calling during auditions entails + her later speaking to me only in dang-fang-rippin' monosyllables because I expressed said anger = Not-so-happy Kelly.

And other factors too trivial to detail online.

I've been here thirty minutes, and we still haven't seen each other

Phew.  At first I thought she was watching L.A. Confidential, which she only does when she wants to vicariously kill someone [her words].  But no, it's just Witness.

And I don't feel well.

Okay, sorry to bitch.  Today I've done things most people only dream of, and I'm complaining that Mum and I are on the outs.

Sorrysorrysorry.  [I mean it.]

I need//want to get drunk.  You think I'm joking.

<3 Kelly

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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.

I was so going to type something worthwhile here.


Hahaha, oh yeah.  My horoscope.  *Crickets*  ...Buuut only a few people know how it pertains to life, so is it really worthwhile?

Why the hell not.  [Means no.  Means 'let's do it anyway and sound all mysterious-like for no apparent reason.']

Positive developments regarding whatever work you do could cause you to form very strong bonds with the people whom you've been working with, dear Scorpio. The astral energy brings opportunities to demonstrate not only what you can accomplish together, but how much affection you have for one another. The fact that your incomes are all going to increase certainly doesn't hurt! Expect to begin planning new projects already. It's good to do this while the enthusiasm is still high.

Bwahaha.  Enthusiasm.  That means coffee!


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"She says you can be an unbearable snot."
"Ummm, why?"
"Because you always sit up so straight, and keep your wrists on the table, and..."
"Because I use basic etiquette?"
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Israel is still irritating.  Now they have commercials, saying, "We've been attaaaaaaaackedgiveusmoney."  Pfft, you shot first.  If you shoot at someone, they're going to shoot back.  Surprised?  Mm, shouldn't be.  And I actually got this all while watching Fox News, waiting at the grand-parentals.

Voted in the primaries.  Had only adequately researched one candidate, so I spent a lot of my time hitting the "Next Screen" button.  Hey, I'm not going to vote for people I don't know about.


I was totally pissed off in a major way by the system at large.
*I look at man persuing list of Republican candidates*  *Flag down passing employee*
"Excuse me, may I see the sheet with the Democratic candidates please?"
"Ummmmm..." *Goes off to search until my retirement annuity matured*  *Returns*  "I don't think we have one of those..."
[Internal monologue: You WHAT?]  "Quite all right.  I'm finally here at the computer, so it would do little good."

So yeah, Kelly's seething right now.  For the past five hours, actually.  This has got to count for some sort of discrimination, or with-holding of information, or high treasonnotreally.  Betcha there wasn't a sheet for the Green or Libertarians, either.

Who's Line is it Anyway is on.  All things must be placed on hold.

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