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May 16, 2007

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    I went to my meeting this morning with the doctor. It went well. But I am now scheduled to be admitted to the hospital at 7:30 in the morning for the treatment.  Give me a call or something tomorrow if you want.

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My Doctor

Went to Langworthy's today..

wasn't too good of results.. not allowed to have caffeine anymore, no chocolate, light on the calcium, and this doesn't deal with it but i have to become more flexible cause he couldn't even lift my leg straight up with me laying on a table. soo.. any dancers or anybody know any tricks?? lol.

   ok so..the not so good news, i have a cat scan tuesday at 1. have to be there by 11:30. no food 3 hours before appointment..and my last "meal" before it has to be all clear liquids. he said the cat scan was to look at kidneys.

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Well I'm now going back to Dr. Langworthy tomorrow. They now don't think that the small kidney stone they found is going to be any harm, and still want to look at my back (now looking at the muscles) to see if that is causing such pain. He said he'll probably put me through an MRI or a CAT Scan to get a look. The Lab work showed all my red and white blood cells were good, and all my kidney, spleen, liver and everything were alright too. So I don't know whats going on right now. All I know is my back has been in some pretty bad pain for like about the past 3 months or so. So maybe we'll hear something tomorrow. I'm ready to get back to doing normal activities where I can actually lift stuff like normal.

On a better note... 2 weeks til my birthday...

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new car....

So somewhere between my birthday and about graduation im getting a new vehicle.. Was going to get a Titan but since parents are paying for most of it, dad doesnt want to go into the upper 20k range. So I went back to my original car idea. and he ended up saying I will get an '06 Altima. He doesnt want to go all out on it but is going to allow me to get some good stuff on it since I'll own it and drive it for like the next like 8 years.
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my afternoon

Well not only did the storms mess somethings up tonight..

After school I hade to go over to Dr. Langworthy's office for my back. Well They told me that it could either be that the Spinal Discs could be out of place and that would require physical therapy to fix it. Or it could be that the muscles in my back have gotten so tight that they could have pulled too much on the spine and caused it to become fractured.   Woo Hoo!! NOT !!

So then he took blood to run a lab test on to see if there were any spleen or liver problems. and then sent me over to the hospital to have x-rays run to look at my spine. Then next friday i have to go back at 11:30 to see Langworthy about it.

yeah wasn't too good of an afternoon.   So I just have to play the waiting game now. Pray for me. . .

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