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May 16, 2007

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Well. Im back from the D.C. trip. it was actually fun with everyone there. I like going to D.C.  Especially the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I've seen it twice and it still amazes me with the Army Honor Guard.  Man I would love to be apart of that amazing honor of guarding it.

Anyways its back to school.. not too much longer left.. only like 20 something more days of school.   Its going to feel so great to walk across that stage and be handed a diploma and be able to get away from high school.  

     sooo.. thats all i got for now....

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Finally D.C.  is in one day!!    Im excited.. And seeing the schedule today for Seniors the rest of the year made me realize how close graduation actually is and how its actually gone by really fast.  Oh well its exciting.

     Im out... cya later!

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Spring break has been really good. I've done alot and had alot of fun. Today though I worked around outside and got really sunburned.. Really good start today on the tan.  Anyways.. I'm off to go find something to do.  see ya
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Today is my birthday!    Finally Im 18.

Its gone good so far. Tonight I get Red Lobster too! Yummm! 

Oh and yeah pretty sure I got woken up this morning with Lindsey singing happy birthday to me. And I asked what time it was and she said 5:30. So yeah that was funny. and she decorated the inside and outside of my car. oh well, It was funny and cute that she was there.

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Surgery pt.2

So Thursday's surgery went good. I did better than what they say is normal. Except for when i got home i was very nausiated. But today Im feeling very good and back to normal. Did take it easy today though.

The interesting thing is they sent 1600 shocks through me to get them broken up. They couldnt get to the third. But I thought that was interesting.

   Anyways Its Spring Break!! Finally.. Hope everyone has a great one!

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